Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekly Competitive Blog: Harri and the Dark Circus Deck Profile

Weekly Competitive Blog: Harri and the Dark Circus Deck Profile

Hello Cardfighters its Major Spades back into the blog bringing you something new to the table which will be my competitive and casual encounters at my local card stores I go to weekly.  I will include deck profiles along with decks I played during tournament and casual games.  I apologize for the long absence, but I been facing a lot of bumps on the road which I needed a long break to get myself together.  Lets get into my first competitive profile for the week which is Pale Moon Harri.  The deck is overall fun, and Pale Moon has been the second favorite clan to me since I played when Robert and Beast Tamers came out along with Nightmare Dolls.  It has a lot of soul building mechanics to thin the deck for triggers, and units get massive power boost from effects which gives Pale Moon that huge pressure every turn.  Here is the deck profile, and I hope you enjoy.

Harri and the Dark Circus:

Grade 3s:
4x: Masked Magician Harri (This is the main card of the deck that helps with soul charging and bringing units with a 5k gain to hit for high numbers every turn.)
4x Bunny Queen Beast Tamer (She is a good first turn ride to grade 3 to help build up that soul, and I rarely use her limit break to call a certain amount of units by how many face up beast tamers I have on the field.)

Grade 2s:
4x: Darkside Princess (She is a good pressure card every turn and early game cause when she attacks the vanguard alone, she is a 14k beater.)
4x: Flying Peryton (This card helps me soul charge during generation break, but it is also the first card I call out with Harri, so I can get that 5k boost and Peryton calls out a unit in the same column as it so I can have a 21k column.)
3x: Card Dealer, Jacqueline (She helps me call an extra attacker while she is attacking.)

Grade 1s:
4x: Hoop Master (She is a special perfect guard that gives me an additional card to call out on field if I have another copy of her in my drop.  She gives the called card an extra 5k shield and intercept.)
4x: Cutie Paratrooper (She is a 7k booster that has a Harri skill if I have Harri as my Vanguard that makes me call out a unit and give it 5k for a soul charge.)
4x: Masquerade Bunny (She is a basic stride fodder when discarded, and a Harri searcher.)
2x: Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty (She helps me get in an extra attack like Jacqueline, but she only put the unit it boosted into soul and calls out a unit with the Magia ability in the card text.) 

Grade 0s:
4x: Tender Breeder (Heal)
4x: Prankster Girl of Mirrorland (Stand trigger that also fix soul when she is soul charged.  She can help me search for a unit in my deck and soul charge it for her and shuffle the stand back to my deck.)
4x: Poison Juggler (Critical and it also gives a unit 3k when soul charged.)
4x: Darkside Sword Master (Critical that soul charges herself and gives me a card when my Vanguard with Harri  in its name is attacking along with a 5k gain.)
1x: Cat Knight in High Boots (He is my starter with a generation break skill that when either a grade 3 or greater rides on him that he calls himself out and an extra unit out with him other than Cat Knight in High Boots.)

Grade 4s (Strides):
1x: Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda (She gives me an extra attacker when she hits the Vanguard.)
4x: Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto (He gives all my units plus 1k for each face up copy of him in the G-zone, and he also calls out one unit for every two face up G-units with the magia ability and give those called units a 5k boost.)
4x: Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon (This unit gives 2k for any unit that comes out of soul and it's generation break 3 skill gives him an extra critical.)
1x: Dragon Masquerade, Harri (Harri gives me more attacks when I attack with my first wave of units then he calls out three more units when he attacks.)
1x: Air Elemental, Sebreeze (I stride this when my opponent plays the grade 2 game or is grade stuck.)
2x: Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival (He is a G-guardian unit that when played he is a 15k shield when I discard a heal trigger and gains an additional 5k shield when I pick one card from the top three cards of my deck and put one to soul.  If it is a grade 1 or greater unit put into soul, it gains that 5k shield.)
2x: Dark Element, Dizmel (This G-guardian has resist and makes me choose a unit that cannot be hit or chosen for effects of my opponent's card effects, and it is a great counter for Dimension Police match ups.)
1x: Metal Element, Scryew (This is my last G-guardian that becomes an extra 25k shield when I discard a card from hand along with the heal trigger.)

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