Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Casual Deck of the Week: Scharhrot Vampir Darkness

Casual Deck of the Week: Scharhrot Vampir Darkness

Hello Cardfighters its Major Spades with a casual deck profile for you.  This week is Dark Irregular's own Scharhrot Vampir darkness deck profile with a Blade Wing Sullivan tech.  The deck is overall fun and can be competitive if the cards are played right, and you can win by that high powered Abominable One, Gilles de Rais.  The deck builds up soul fast, and it can recycle triggers from both soul and drop zone too to get those triggers off a lot.  I hope you enjoy this deck profile.

Dark Irregular: Scharhrot Vampir Darkness

Grade 3s:
4x: Scharhrot Vampir (He is the boss monster that builds soul when stridden on and generation break 2 skill which he gets 10k and a critical when he attacks as long as I have 10 or more cards in soul. His stride break skill also forces your opponent to sacrifice one of their units which is very good field control Dark Irregulars needed.)
4x: Blade Wing Sullivan (This card gives my shield 10k if I have 15 cards in soul and after when he is attacked I soul blast 2.)
Grade 2s:
4x: Doppel Vampir (He is the Silent Tom for the deck which he gains 5k if I have 10 cards in soul, and 15 cards in soul gives him the ability that when he is attacking, my opponent cannot guard with grade 0's from hand.)
4x: Squallmaker Vampir (He is a 14k beater while boosting and can soul charge 2 cards too.)
2x: Flying Librarian (She soul charges 2, gives you a draw and counter charges if you have 10 or more cards in soul.  She is a free plus.)

Grade 1s:
4x: Flag Beaker (Counter charge perfect guard.)
4x: Succubus of Pure Love (Stride fodder and Scharhrot Vampir searcher)
4x: Serpent Charmer (He recycles triggers from your soul to your deck with a free draw only for the cost of retiring him.)
2x: Combust Vampir (This card is like Yellow Bolt but it gives any unit a 5k boost when you rest this unit with 1 soul charge.)

Grade 0s:
4x: One-eyed Succubus (Critical trigger for Scharhrot that soul charges from field, draws and gives a unit with Scharhrot in its name a 5k gain.)
4x: Dark Knight of Nightmareland (Critical trigger that gives any unit 3k when soul charged from field.)
4x: Hysteric Shirley (Draw trigger that helps me soul charge)
1x: Enigmatic Assassin (She is a card I soul charge from my starter Greedy Hand's skill.  I let her stay in the soul until I stride into Gilles de Rais, and she comes out of soul before I attack and becomes a 20k booster.)
1x: Greedy Hand (Starter that sets up soul, and I usually soul charge Enigmatic Assassin with his effect earlier in the game before she gets into the damage zone.)

4x: Abominable One, Gilles de Rais (He is a finisher in game and he restricts grade 1's or higher from hand and gains a critical if my soul is 10 or more and for the guard restriction is 15 cards or more in soul.)
3x: Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold (He helps recycle my drop zone into my deck and soul charges 5 if I have less than 15 cards in soul.  If I have 15 or more cards in soul, and gives my front row a 10k gain.)
2x: Mask of Demonic Frenzy, Ericrius (He soul charges 2 when he attacks, and he gains 1k for each card in soul if I have 15 or more cards in soul.  He also retires units if opponents let him hit.)
1x: Love Tempest, Kisskill Lira (If she hits Vanguard, she soul charges 2 and lets me draw a card.)
1x: Rebellious Retainer of Fresh Blood, Frederick (For putting one card from hand to soul, he gives the front row 5k if his power is 10k or more, and he gets 1k for each card in the soul.)
3x: Nighttime Gentleman, Saint-Germain (This G-guardian becomes a 25k shield if I have 10 cards in soul.  If I have 15 cards in soul, he gives all my units resist.)
2x: False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat (This G-guardian lets me soul charge 2 when guarding, and she gives an extra 5k shield if I have 6 or more cards in soul.)


  1. Blade wing Tibold needs a blade wing heart or the skill won't activate!!!

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  3. Yeah thanks for pointing it out. I changed that and now rather than running 4 echo of nemesis i run 4 blade wing Sullivan. Thanks for pointing that out. I changed the entry. Thank you