Friday, October 31, 2014

Aqua Force - Ever-Shifting Winds (Blue Storm/Maelstrom)

Sorry for the long break between articles, but I've been busy with school back in session and all! Anyway, here's the second part of the results of training out at sea (You can read about the first part here.): this time featuring the ways of the admiral. As some of you who have been following us for some time might know, I am quite fond of the Aqua Force clan. It is a clan that I have wanted to play ever since spoilers for BT08: Blue Storm Armada started to leak out along its initial appearance in the anime as the main clan of Leon Souryu and his two cousins, Sharlene and Jillian Chen. Anyway, despite not having done well using this clan in a previous Regional level tournament (which you can read about over here), with BT15: Infinite Rebirth recently released and having been able to do some training out at sea, I have revised and revamped my Aqua Force build, focusing on the Vice Admiral of the mighty Aqua Force Armada and one of his two "evolutions." Onward to the deck profile!

Deadlier than any aircraft carrier and aircraft carrier girl wielding a bow and arrows you've ever encountered. I guarantee it.