Monday, February 25, 2013

Kagero - Iron Fist of the Dragon's Fury (Lawkeeper)

It IS my main deck (and forever will be, perhaps).  I love it.  It does so many things with a single limit break. Many small, subtle things that add up in a cohesive manner; IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

And it finally showed up in the anime.  For about 2 seconds.  And it was great.
I'd put some snappy comment here, but I'm too busy staring at the awesomeness that is Lawkeeper.
(Oh, and Rin made this GIF for me!  Isn't it great?)
To commemorate this event, and "celebrate" the arrival of crossrides.  I give them a warm welcome with 23k and 18k rows EVERYWHERE!

Umm, yeah, so no unit of the week for that past Sunday either...been busy lately...

BUT, I will have posts this week...somehow.

Box opening will NOT be posted because it was such a disaster (that box wasn't worth its own price...ugh...$2 RRR...)

My personal Lawkeeper deck will get an update soon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Updates for the week?

No, I didn't do a unit of the week article last Sunday.  I was busy.  BUT, I will be working on something special (besides my homework)!  Should have a box opening to do tommorow and a video from that, along with Rin's "Sh** Cardfighters Say!!" video which will be complete soon.

I also recently added a Raindear deck list and a Coco deck list to the pile.  Enjoy.

Oracle Think Tank - Soulless Witch

This seems to be a popular deck...and an easy one really.  So in my busy schedule, I have a decklist to post, and it shall be Soulless OTT.  Because I don't need a brain to do this.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unit of the Week - 2/10/2013

Narukami gets a turn in the spotlight this week!
It's kind of a generic unit, but nonetheless useful; this week's unit is Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda.
One of the many wonderful grade 2s that Narukami gets.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unit of the Week - 2/3/2013

Oh boy, I have to do a Gold Paladin now...
Rabbit armor bearers made Gold Paladins at least 20% cooler.

Choosing the Right Starting Vanguard

So you've picked a clan and maybe a build too.  Now, let's make a deck! 

One of the first units you'll pick out will probably be your starting vanguard.  There isn't more than a few to pick from right?  Should be easy enough......apparently not.  I guess I'll make a guide for it.

This article will also clarify and explain some pros and cons of certain starters.