Friday, July 8, 2016

Competitive Deck 2: Nightmare Doll Encore

Competitive Deck 2: Nightmare Doll Encore

Hello Cardfighters Major Spades bringing a last minute deck profile that I am going to take to locals to test at Zero Gravity Comics and Hobby Shop Ichiban.  I love Nightmare Dolls because of the Alice dancing in and out of the soul loop, but it reminds me of my grandmother who passed this April, and she had these type of dolls in her closet.  I wanted to play this deck instead of Harri in honor to my grandmother.  Sadly I wish I can made tournament blogs for Harri, but I had some deck building issues that put it on hiatus for a few days.  I hope you enjoy this deck profile just like I do.  
Nightmare Doll Encore:
Grade 3s:
4x: Nightmare Doll, Catherine (She is the main card for the deck that helps put your workeroids in soul and does the Alice loop if you have another Alice in soul for the loop to work if Alice doesn't hit.  She even gives all Alices a 1k boost.)
4x: Nightmare Doll, Alice (One of the main cards for the dancing Alice loop.  If she hits, I can call another unit other than her which I can call Nightmare Doll Ginny to call Alice out again with a 5k gain to Alice.)

Grade 2s:
4x: Nightmare Doll, Ginny (She helps call Alice out with a 5k gain if you put Ginny into soul when she is called to rear guard.)
4x: Nightmare Doll Master, Brenda (She is the only grade 2 that isn't a workeroid to get the loop off, but she helps seek out and call out the workeroids needed for the combo.)
3x: Silver Thorn Marionette, Lilian (She is a basic 10k beater that has workeroid in her name to help with the Catherine/Alice loop.)
Grade 1s:
4x: Nightmare Doll, Leslie (She is the restanding unit for Alice whenever Alice goes into soul, Leslie restands and you can stack triggers on her to make your Alice/Leslie column huge and hard for your opponent to deal with.)
4x: Darkside Mirror Master (Unflipping perfect guard because the deck uses a lot of counterblast from both Alice and Catherine.)
4x: Masquerade Bunny (Stride fodder)
2x: Purple Trapezist (She helps swaps non wokeroid units into wokeroid units to help with the combo.)

Grade 0s:
4x: Popcorn Boy (Heal)
4x: Silver Thorn Marionette, Natasha (Draw)
4x: Nightmare Doll, Mirabel (Nightmare Doll critical)
4x: Skyhigh Walker (Stand trigger that unflips damage when put into soul from rear guard.)
1x Starting Presenter (Starting Vanguard that makes me look at the top 10 cards of my deck and add one from the stack into the soul.)

4x: Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix (She helps set up the Alice loop and can put more attacks in if you have 3 wokeroids on field.)
2x: Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto (He gives all my units plus 1k for each face up copy of him in the G-zone, and he also calls out one unit for every two face up G-units with the magia ability and give those called units a 5k boost.)
4x: Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon (This unit gives 2k for any unit that comes out of soul and it's generation break 3 skill gives him an extra critical.)
1x: Air Elemental, Sebreeze (I stride this when my opponent plays the grade 2 game or is grade stuck.)
2x: Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival (He is a G-guardian unit that when played he is a 15k shield when I discard a heal trigger and gains an additional 5k shield when I pick one card from the top three cards of my deck and put one to soul.  If it is a grade 1 or greater unit put into soul, it gains that 5k shield.)
2x: Dark Element, Dizmel (This G-guardian has resist and makes me choose a unit that cannot be hit or chosen for effects of my opponent's card effects, and it is a great counter for Dimension Police match ups.)
1x: Metal Element, Scryew (This is my last G-guardian that becomes an extra 25k shield when I discard a card from hand along with the heal trigger.)

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