Friday, October 31, 2014

Aqua Force - Ever-Shifting Winds (Blue Storm/Maelstrom)

Sorry for the long break between articles, but I've been busy with school back in session and all! Anyway, here's the second part of the results of training out at sea (You can read about the first part here.): this time featuring the ways of the admiral. As some of you who have been following us for some time might know, I am quite fond of the Aqua Force clan. It is a clan that I have wanted to play ever since spoilers for BT08: Blue Storm Armada started to leak out along its initial appearance in the anime as the main clan of Leon Souryu and his two cousins, Sharlene and Jillian Chen. Anyway, despite not having done well using this clan in a previous Regional level tournament (which you can read about over here), with BT15: Infinite Rebirth recently released and having been able to do some training out at sea, I have revised and revamped my Aqua Force build, focusing on the Vice Admiral of the mighty Aqua Force Armada and one of his two "evolutions." Onward to the deck profile!

Deadlier than any aircraft carrier and aircraft carrier girl wielding a bow and arrows you've ever encountered. I guarantee it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Double the Smiles - Bermuda Triangle (Duo)

I have finally returned from a long journey out at sea, training in the ways of both the admiral and the idol. Before I begin to show you the fruits of my training, I would first like to thank our newest staff member, Richard, for bringing his boundless enthusiasm for the game of "Cardfight!! Vanguard" to the table and publishing content while the rest of us were too occupied! Now without further ado, with the recent release of Extra Booster 10: Divas Duet, I will bring you all some smiles with a Bermuda Triangle build from myself featuring the Duo subclan!

Well, not quite like this, but you get the idea!

Monday, July 21, 2014

“Arise from the Abyss of Darkness and Strike Down those who Oppose you Dark Irregulars”

 Hello Cardfighters.  I have returned with another deck profile that I am still enjoying.  I wanted to present this article and another with my two Tachikaze builds that I love to death before I depart to FanimeCon.  To begin, my Dark Irregular build is a high number beat down deck with Master of the Fifth Element and King of Masks, Dantarian.  It also has Doreen the Thruster in the deck too for additional power and very high numbered columns.  Why I like Dark Irregulars personally?  One, I like the clan mechanic of soul charging and getting additional trigger skills from soul charging.  Two, most of the units are Halloween themed, and Halloween is my number one favorite holiday because of candy (LOVE IT!) and cosplaying (LOVE IT!).  Last, some of the units reference Alice in Wonderland, and Alice in Wonderland is a personal childhood favorite along with Sleeping Beauty.  I like how Dark Irregulars give them a dark theme.  My most favorite character in Alice is always the Cheshire Cat.  It was kind of sad that there is no actual Alice in Dark Irregulars, but she ended up as a doll in the Pale Moon clan….soo sad.  Without further delay, here is my deck profile, and I hope you enjoy it.    

Grade 0’s:
1x Greedy Hand (starting Vanguard to put a grade 2 or lower Dark Irregulars into my soul [Dimension Creeper] for one counterblast and moving Greedy Hands to the soul)
4x Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland (Heal)
4x Dark Knight of Nightmareland (Critical and a skill that gives a unit a 3k boost by moving Dark Knight into the soul from rear guard circle)
4x Blitzritter (Critical)
4x Hysteric Shirley (Draw and skill to move her into soul to do an additional soul charge)

Grade 1’s:
4x March Rabbit of Nightmareland (perfect guard)
4x Dimension Creeper (take out from soul to drop zone to soul charge 2)
3x Doreen the Thruster (special booster that gains 3k for any card that gets soul charged)
3x Poet of Darkness, Amon (a 9k booster when my Vanguard has 6 or more cards in the soul)

Grade 2’s:
3x Emblem Master (counterblast 1 and soul charge 3 cards when he hits the Vanguard)
2x Gwynn the Ripper (counterblast 2 to retire an opponent’s grade 2 or less rear guard)
3x Werwolf Sieger (10k unit)
3x Demon of Aspiration, Amon (11k unit if my Vanguard has 6 or more cards in the soul)

Grade 3’s:
4x King of Masks, Dantarian (Dark Irregular’s break ride that gives my Vanguard a 10k power boost and gives 3 of my rear guards 1000k for each card in my soul)
4x Master of the Fifth Element (Another power generating unit that gives all my rear guards an additional 3k if I have 10 or more cards in the soul from his limit break, and he soul charges 3 if he hits the Vanguard)

Overall the deck is soo good in getting very high number columns.  Rather than playing Amon or Amon Reverse, I chose a deck that can do work just by combining soul charge with Doreen’s skill to get me really strong attacks along with the break ride and Master that forces my opponent to take damage or drop their entire hand.  Sad that Master is a 10k based unit, but he does have a very good skill with no counter blasting.  The deck is fun, and it takes time and patience to get the combos off at the right time which is challenging, but I love challenging decks/clans.  I was also thinking of putting stand triggers, but that is still in the testing grounds.  I hope you enjoyed this profile and keep fighting Cardfighters. 

“Gold Paladin Bunny Ops Assemble!”

Hello Cardfighters!  I am back with a deck profile that is my personal favorite.  I want to share my old Pellinore/Great Silver Wolf Garmore deck that is my personal favorite gold paladin and my first competitive deck.  I picked the bunny build because bunnies are soo adorable.  Since the Great Silver Wolf Garmore trial deck came out, it was my first Vanguard deck.  When booster set 7: Rampage of the Beast King came out, I love how there were bunnies in the set for gold paladins.  I love the deck build, and I love how fun it is to pull off a Pellinore superior ride to put in an additional Vanguard attack.  I even love how Lop Ear Shooter helps give you an additional unit to help reinforce your field.  I have been playing a lot of locals with this deck when my friends use to take me to certain local shops outside my area, and I have been among one of the top 4 players in certain local shops.  Without further ado, I present to you my throwback gold paladin Pellinore/Garmore deck.

Grade 0’s:
1x Spring Breeze Messenger (starting Vanguard that makes me look at the top 3 cards from my deck and superior call a gold paladin from those 3 in rest position on a rear guard circle and put the rest to the bottom of the deck in any order when an attack hits while spring breeze boosted a unit)
4x Flame of Victory (critical trigger that gives a unit 3k when you move this unit into the soul)
2x Silent Punisher (critical)
4x Falcon Knight of the Azure (draw trigger that gives a unit 2k when this unit is called from the deck)
2x Weapons Dealer, Gwydion (draw)
4x Elixir Sommelier (heal)

Grade 1’s:
4x Halo Shield, Mark (perfect guard)
2x Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth (8k booster)
2x Listener of Truth, Dindrane (a unit that makes you draw a card when she is called from the deck, and the cost for her skill is soul blast 1)
2x Player of the Holy Axe, Nimue (a unit that superior calls the top card of my deck when this unit hits while it is boosted for one counter blast)
2x Charjgal (special booster for Great Silver Wolf Garmore for one soul blast and Charjgal gives the boosted Garmore an additional 5k for a 21k column)
2x Sleygal Dagger (special 7k booster that gains an extra 2k gain for one counterblast)

Grade 2’s:
3x Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains (10k attacker)
3x Lop Ear Shooter (a unit that makes you see the top 3 cards and superior call one of those cards from those 3 when Lop Ear is superior called from the deck and the cost is discarding a card)
3x Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane (a unit that superior calls the top card of the deck to rear guard circle when Vivian hits the Vanguard while it is boosted by another unit)
2x Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion (a unit that is a 10k shield when it intercepts)

Grade 3’s:
4x Great Silver Wolf, Garmore (When this card is ride on the Vanguard circle and you can counter blast 2 to superior a grade 2 or lower Gold Paladin from your deck to a rear guard circle, and he also gets a 5k gain when he is at limit break)
4x White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore (A superior ride unit that activates when this unit is called from the deck to rear guard circle, and the cost is just to discard a card to superior ride Pellinore.  His limit break is that you return 2 Gold Paladins to the bottom of your deck to give up to two Gold Paladin units a 5k boost)

Friday, May 30, 2014

“Prehistoric Beast Claim this Habitat as your own Tachikaze Roar!”

Hello again Cardfighters.  As I announced on my Dark Irregulars page, I am now going to share a double feature profile with two deck builds from the Tachikaze clan before I go to FanimeCon.  One is the Raptor Colonel chain ride, and the other is the new Ancient Dragons.  Tachikaze is well known for their mechanic of sacrificing their own rear guards to get power boost and additional skills.  It does make sense that dinosaurs need to feed to live and get stronger.  Overall I love the deck mechanic, and I freaking loved dinosaurs as a kid.  My favorite dinosaur is always the Stegosaurus.  I love how it has plates on its body and a sharp spiked tail as a defense.  Also, I loved how Stegosaurus was featured in the movie “Jurassic Park: The Lost World.”  I was a big fan of all the Jurassic Park movies and looking forward to Jurassic World in the future.  Also, Tachikaze also made me remember a show I used to love that was shown on Cartoon Network and Toonami was “Zoids.”  Zoids is a show about giant robotic dinosaurs and beast fighting while being piloted by humans.  Tachikaze reminded me soo much about that show ever since the Raptor series for Vanguard came out.  Now, Ancient Dragons represent full-fledged dinosaurs.  Ancient Dragons is its own deck archetype that unleashes the full potential of the Tachikaze clan.  Well that’s enough about my personal liking of Tachikaze, here is my two builds that I enjoy a lot.

Raptor Colonel Chain Ride:

Grade 0’s:
1x Military Dragon, Raptor Soldier (starting Vanguard for the chain ride)
4x Ironclad Dragon, Steelsaurus (Heal)
4x Dragon Bird, Firepteryx (Critical)
4x Black Cannon Tiger (Critical)
4x Carry Trilobite (Draw)

Grade 1’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant (grade 1 for the raptor ride chain that lets me search the top 7 cards of my deck for a Raptor Captain or Raptor Colonel and add it to my hand if I rode over the grade 0 raptor)
4x Archbird (perfect guard)
3x Sonic Noa (8k booster)
3x Winged Dragon, Beamptero (a unit that gives another Tachikaze unit 3k when this unit is retired during battle)

Grade 2’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Captain (grade 2 for the raptor ride chain and its additional skill superior calls a Raptor Sergeant onto a rear guard circle if I have the grade 0 and grade 1 raptor in my soul, and it gains 1000k for the whole game if Raptor Sergeant is in the soul)
4x Ravenous Dragon, Megarex (10k attacker)
4x Winged Dragon, Slashptero (a unit like Beamptero that gives a unit 3k when this unit is retired during battle)

Grade 3’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel (grade 3 of the raptor ride chain and its gets 1000k for the whole match when you have Raptor Captain in the soul, and its ride skill is that if you have all the raptors in the soul and Raptor Colonel rode on the Raptor Captain then you can search from your deck a Raptor Captain and superior call it to a rear guard circle.  Its limit break is to counter blast 1 and retire 2 Tachikaze rear guards.  While Colonel is attacking, it gains the total attack of the Tachikaze rear guards that were retired by the skill)
3x Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex (this unit’s limit break is to bind this card and give a Tachikaze unit 3k.  When your Vanguard didn’t hit, you retire 3 Tachikaze rear guards and superior ride this card from the bind zone for an additional attack)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

“Rise from the Abyss and Set Sail Granblue”

Hello Cardfighters.  I am back with a few more deck profiles in line.  So far I have been play testing for quite a while to fine tune my decks.  Now, I have improved some of my decks to my liking.  First off, I want to say that Granblue is one of my favorite clans.  Why?  I like them because it has pirates, vampires, zombies and a lot of characters from the abyss of the ocean.  It is also a Pirates of the Caribbean deck to me since I am a big fan of it.  Overall, I love the deck mechanic of Granblue of calling units from the drop zone.  Since the new break ride and support for them came out from Booster Set 12: Catastrophic Outbreak, it gives them that extra field presence and power boost.  Even one of my friends is playing my deck every time we get the chance, and he loves how fun Granblue is even though it’s his favorite clan.  The version I am running is Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist and Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus.  I was never a fan of Cocytus reverse form because of that additional milling.  The effect is nice, but I mill too much then I deck out.  That’s why I have the Ruin Shades to help with that for this deck.  So, here is my Granblue deck profile, and I hope u enjoy it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

“Blossom and Show the World of Your Everlasting Beauty, Bloom Neo Nectar Arboros Dragon Sephirot and Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse!”

Hello Cardfighters!  I am back with a double feature deck profile coming at you with my current Neo Nectar Arboros Dragon build, and the other deck is my future Maiden build.  I know St. Patrick’s Day passed, and I wanted to present these articles on that day.  However, I was tied up with cosplay gatherings and deck experimenting, so I apologize for not keeping a constant flow of articles.  I want to wish you all a late St. Patrick’s Day greeting and an April Fool’s too.  I will try my best to get more articles posted.  I have been working on an additional ten articles that will be posted shortly.  Without further ado, I will present my Arboros Dragon and Maiden decks.  Neo Nectar has been one of my favorite clans along with the other twelve clans I run, but my reason why I chose Neo Nectar as one of my decks is that I have been a person who loves the beauty of nature.  I have been to hikes and nature walks, and I love the calm and soothing atmosphere especially the sound of the ocean and rain forests.  Also, a song by Hatsune Miku called “Blue Green” kind of remind me of the sound of nature and the destructive force of it when I heard it.  That is how beautiful, yet destructive Neo Nectar can be.  Here is my Sephirot and Maiden builds.

Friday, February 14, 2014

“Foresee the Future, Magical Magus Shine!”

Hello Everyone!  I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day or Single Appreciation Day to the Trigger Capital team and to all Cardfighters.  I have another deck profile I been testing out (proxy deck), and I am very excited to build it when it comes out in extra booster set 7: “Mystical Magus” in April this year.  Since I like wizards and magic (Harry Potter fan, Ragnarok Online fan (wizard class) and any anime that has magic and wizards), Magus of the Oracle Think Tank clan felt like a perfect fit for my interest.  This deck amazes me on how it gives me good draw and hand power and arrange the cards on the top of your deck in any order.  The deck pretty much alters outcomes for the whole game just by some of the Magus’s skills of looking at the top card(s) on your deck and stacking triggers on top.  To fit this lovable holiday, I present to you my Magus build.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vanquish the Evil and Shine with Righteous Justice, “Super Dimension Robo, Daikaiser!”

Hello Everyone, I apologize if I haven’t been posting in a while, but I was busy with cosplay gatherings and future gathering preparations.  However, I have a new deck profile that I enjoy soo much, which is my Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser build, or my Dimensional Robos Unite.  To begin with, Dimensional Robo is one of my personal favorite clans.  The reason why I like Dimensional Robos is that they kind of remind me of my favorite TV shows the Power Rangers and Transformers when I was a kid.  I love how they all transform and unite into one strong warrior to fight all evil that threatens the universe.  However, some of the new Dimensional Robo cards from the new upcoming trial deck number 12: “Dimensional Brave Kaiser,” and set 13: “Catastrophic Outbreak,” they do appear more like Transformers than Power Rangers and also a tiny bit of Gurren Lagann reference too, but I still like them.  These brave warriors are the galactic protectors of the planet Cray.  Let’s begin the deck profile. 

“It’s Showtime!” Pale Moon: Nightmare Doll Chelsea Takes the Stage

Hello Cardfighters!  I am back with another fun deck profile on the new upcoming Pale Moon support from booster set 12 "Binding Force of the Black Rings."   Pale Moon is one of my favorite clans next to my Gold Paladins and my other 10 different clans I play.  Pale Moon has been a personal favorite because all the units kind of make me reminisce my past as a child when I went to see my first circus performance with my father at a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in Anaheim, California.  The show was fantastic, and I loved it.  I always love the elephants and the fun festivities the circus presents, and Pale Moon’s clan mechanic is just fun and makes me relive the experience at the circus with their mechanic of coming out of the soul and back in like a disappearance act.  In booster set 12, I am making Chelsea, and I am also making my silver thorn deck too.  My favorite Pale Moon cards are the Nightmare Dolls and Midnight Bunny because they are soo cute.  Silver Thorns I like because the artwork on them are soo cool, and their mechanic is fun too.  So, roll up the curtains and let the show begin.  I present to you Cray's darkest and greatest performers of the Pale Moon clan.  This is my Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Chelsea deck profile along with Miracle Pop Ava (break ride).