Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daily Tournament Blog: Great Nature Successfully Takes First at Zero Gravity Trading Card Games and Collectibles

Daily Tournament Blog: Great Nature Successfully Takes First at Zero Gravity Trading Card Games and Collectibles

Hello Cardfighters it's Major Spades with another daily tournament blog.  My Great Nature was able to get first place in a 3 round 6 man tourney.  The participating decks in this local tourney were: Link Joker Messiah, Great Nature Chatnoir/Tester Fox (me), Great Nature Bigbelly, Dimensional Police Daikaiser/Metalborgs, Pale Moon Harri, and Murakumo Yasuie.  All my rounds were very fun and also challenging.  Even though it was a 6 man tourney, I was still fighting against some of the shop's best Cardfighters, and Vanguard is solely a game of luck.  Now lets get into my tournament experience. 

Round 1: Great Nature Chatnoir/Tester Fox vs Murakumo Yasuie
I was able to 2-0 my opponent due to the fact that in both games his main Vanguard was Magatsu Typhoon and not Yasuie, so his ability to call and shadow clone units was very hard for him.  I was able to keep a large hand of 15 cards and constantly attack him down till I got his hand size low enough for Managarmr to win both games.

Round 2: Great Nature Chatnoir/Tester Fox vs Dimensional Robo Daikaiser/Metalborgs
Game 1 my opponent got grade locked at 2 for two turns, so I was able to Sebreeze and did a full out rear guard and Vanguard attack on my opponent that game giving me game 1.  Game 2 my opponent won due to that he broke ride Metalborg Sin Buster onto Daikaiser.  I had enough zeros in my hand to make it 1 to pass to a 47k Sin Buster; however, he was able to drive check a grade 3 to destroy one of my 10k shields and finish me off on game 2, so it all lead to game 3.  Game 3 became an awesome game at that point.  I had a maximum hand size of 19 cards, and I maintained that hand size, but my opponent broke ride again like game 2, and I didn't had enough to guard a Vanguard that is over 60k due to that I had more grade 1 and 2's in hand than 0's.  The most terrifying part of the turn is that my opponent had a Laurel on field, so he would be able to restand his Vanguard since Sin Buster will hit.  I was at 2 damage then the first attack hit getting me to 4 damage.  He restood his Vangaurd, and I had no choice but to take the hit.  At the moment I got to 5 damage, I had to pray for a heal, and my prayers were answered as my 6th damage was a heal trigger, and I was back in the game.  I survived a very brutal game winning turn, and I was able to survive the last remaining turns with my hand size to the point that I Managarmr my opponent for the game 3 and match claiming victory.

Round 3: Great Nature Chatnoir/Tester Fox vs Link Joker Messiah
The final round begins, and me and my opponent in game 1 were constantly attacking each turn; however, my mistake was that I left 2 rear guards available for lock cause I did a grade 2 rush on my opponent that cost me the game and preventing me from gaining hand advantage.  I learned from game 1 as my opponent won from constant lock and beat down of all units.  Game 2 I prevented calling out as many units to prevent my opponent from locking my rear guards, and I was able to keep rear guard spots open for me to give power to my units and retire them as I draw to replace the cards into my hand.  Even though my opponent had my entire back row locked, I was still able to call rear guards in the front row and pressure him from my Great Nature's ability to transfer power to units hitting magic numbers for my opponent to drop 10k shields from hand.  I was able to drop him down to 4 damage with 2 cards in hand, and I Managarmr him for the win with a rear guard with 26k power and a critical from my drive checks.  Last game went to turns, and I was able to get my opponent to 4 damage while I was at 3.  On my opponent's last turn, his twin drive was able to get him a heal and the entire match ended in a draw.  If he had a stride fodder in hand, he could have won the game, but he didn't as the card after that heal trigger was another heal trigger.  I got lucky there, but I was satisfied that me and my opponent tied for first place and second was Dimensional Police Kaizer/Metalborgs.  It was a very fun and thrilling tournament, and I hope and wish we can get more people into the tournaments I go to and expand the Cardfight community.  For now, I wish this article was enjoyable, and Cardfighters take care of yourselves.  

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