Thursday, July 14, 2016

Competitive Deck of the Week: Gold Paladins Unite

Competitive Deck of the Week: Gold Paladins Unite

Hello Cardfighters its Major Spades with another competitive deck profile I will be using for this week's tourneys.  This week will be Gold Paladin's Gurguit unite deck.  This deck is overall fun and constant calling with huge power columns each turn.  With the new Gurguit stride, power to rear guards has just got ridiculous to the point that it is on the list with Neo Nectars and Angel Feathers.  Having huge power columns, it results to your opponents losing soo much hand.  This is the win condition of the deck is to call units, give power and activate the unite ability which only activates when I call 2 or more units onto rear guard or guardian circle for the turn.  I hope you enjoy the deck profile like I do.

Gurguit Unite deck:

Grade 3s:
4x: Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit (He is the main card in this deck which is both offense and defense.  His stride break skill calls units, and his generation break 2 skill makes me call guardians from deck.)
3x: Dawnngal (Dawnngal is an intercepting unit when his unite pops off but also a 10k booster when called.)

Grade 2s:
4x: Knight of Spring's Light, Perimore (He makes me call an additional unit behind him from the top 3 cards of my deck for a counterblast when he is called to rear guard circle.)
4x: Bullrgal (This unit when united becomes a 14k beater.)
3x: Knight of the Faint Sun, Marcia (She not only counter charges for me, but she has resist for any control based deck.)

Grade 1s:
4x: Holy Mage, Candace (Perfect guard that can be used from deck or hand.)
4x: Dawning Knight, Gorboduc (Gurguit searcher and stride fodder.)
4x: Sunshine Knight, Jeffrey (His unite ability is that after he boosted a unit that he goes in the soul, and I draw a card.)
2x: Coolgal (This unit makes me draw more cards when he is called out from deck.)

Grade 0s:
4x: Scarface Lion (Critical trigger that puts itself into soul if I have a Gurguit Vanguard, and it gives my Vanguard a 5k boost and a draw.)
4x: Player of the Holy Pipe, Gerrie (He counter charges and becomes a 7k booster when united.)
4x: Ketchgal Liberator (This unit makes me call a unit when this card is called out from deck, and it sends itself back into the deck.)
4x: Curable Angel (Heal)
1x: Knight of Early Dawn, Coel (Starting Vanguard when united makes me look at 3 cards from the top of my deck and call it including a 2k power boost.)

3x: Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon (This unit gives 5k to the called unit from deck and itself.)
2x: Golden Dragon, Spearcross Dragon (This unit makes me call up to any number of units from the top 5 cards of my deck from how many g-units I have face up in the g-zone.)
2x: Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit (He gives 5k to all my units, and he gives himself 5k for each unit on my field.)
1x: Golden Knight of Incandescence, Ebraucus (He has an on ride skill that makes me look at top 2 cards from deck and call one.)
1x: Golden Dragon, Rising Shine Dragon (This unit calls two additional units from the top 3 cards from deck when this unit hits my opponent's Vanguard.)
1x: Golden Dragon, Ray Breath Dragon (This unit's unite ability gives him a 5k boost to himself and a 2k boost to the units in the front row.)
2x: Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia (G-guardian that becomes a 30k shield if I have two or more rear guards.)
2x: Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare (G-guardian that returns a rear guard to the bottom of my deck and calls out 2 different grade units for additional guard from the top 5 cards of my deck.)
1x: Air Elemental, Sebreeze (I stride this when my opponent plays the grade 2 game or is grade stuck.)
1x: Dark Element, Dizmel (This G-guardian has resist and makes me choose a unit that cannot be hit or chosen for effects of my opponent's card effects, and it is a great counter for Dimension Police match ups.)

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