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It's tough to remember to share updates on multiple platforms, so here's a compiled list of content that was uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Cardfight!! Vanguard AMV

Budget Bermuda Triangle Deck Profile [Spica Harmony]

Neo Nectar Deck Profile [Ahsha//Marjukka feat. Augury Maiden, Ida]

Cardfight Montage

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Vanguard Art Corner - 3/13/17

Just some sketches I did a week or 2 back.  If you re-post, please credit (Dragon8Blade) and link back.

Link Joker - Colony Maker

Royal Paladin - Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Approaching New Challenger!!!

The Wheel of Fate Is Turning...

          I am the empty void, I am the darkest light, I am the soul engorging blade....

          Greetings, fellow Cardfighters! I am Shino, I have been a competitor of Vanguard since 2012 from the reign of Majesty Lord Blaster and Dragonic Overlord The End, to Spectral Duke Dragon and Revenger, Raging Form Dragon, to Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" to Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo".  I have Top 16th in Team League for Vanguard's "Kick-off" event, Top 9th for Team League at Anaheim, CA in 2014, 4th place at ARG Kansas City for Fall 2015, Top 8 at ARG Kansas City for Winter 2015, 3rd/4th place for ARG Circuit Series at ARG Chicago Fall 2016, and contended ARG Nationals in December 2016.

         Not only have I played Vanguard, I have spent a surplus number of years in other card games as well, but have not been able to content any large tournaments, unofficial and/or official. So, this making Vanguard my option to take the game to another level beyond from
the stereotypes we may see per day.

         As you can all tell, the main clan I tend to focus on is Shadow Paladin. Shadow Paladin, or "Spal", has been the clan I have the most experience with against all of the other clans and their various builds, especially with the equatable situations of which may possibly occur. I do respect the "main clan" idea, but I don't limit myself to that idea. I also play Gear Chronicle "Chronojet", Link Joker "Star-Vader, Chaos", Neo Nectar "Ahsha/Marjukka", Dark Irregular "Bladewing/Darkness", and Royal Paladin "Thing Blaster".

        I have full intentions of making threads in terms of possible rising builds in both English and Japan "metas", what to consider mid-game, things that could be possible, and creating discussions based on current thoughts and evaluate through multiple possibilities. I am Shino, and I do hope to see you all again soon in the battlefield...


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Darkness: Blade Wings

Darkness: Blade Wings

Hello Cardfighters!  Major Spades here with another deck profile to present to you.  This time it is Blade Wings.  I love how the deck soul charges and recycles deck from Tibold's skill.  It compresses the deck late game for triggers, and Sullivan skill raises my defenses to get to that late game.  The funny part is that I tend to win by my opponent decking out if he/she isn't playing legion decks.  Now lets get into the deck profile.

Grade 3's:
4x: Blade Wing Sullivan (This unit lets me have an additional 10k shield to all my guardians if I have 15 or more in soul.  After he gets attacked, he soul blast 2.  His other effect is that I can choose a rear guard and look for three copies of that card and put it into my soul.)
2x: Wings of Recurrence, Blade Wing Reijy (His skill is that he can superior ride from the soul if my other Blade Wing unit's attack did not hit.  His other skill is to soul blast 15 and he gains 15k and 2 criticals if I have a Blade Wing Reijy in my soul.)
2x: Blade Wing Reijy (His skill is that if I have 15 or more in soul, he gains 2 critials.  His other skill is that I can choose one of my rear guards and look for 3 copies of that card and put it into my soul.)

Grade 2's:
4x: Blade Wing Sykes (His skill activates in soul which I soul blast him to soul charge 2.  If he is placed on rear guard, and I have a Blade Wing Vanguard soul charge 1.)
4x: Demonted Executioner (His darkness skill activates when I soul charge during the turn and he gains 2k if I have 6 or more cards in soul and if I have 10 or more, he gains another 3k for a counterblast.  His other skill is that he can let me look at the top 7 cards in my deck and put a unit with the darkness ability to my soul.)
2x: Flying Librarian (Her skill is counterblast 1 and soul charge 2 to draw a card if I have 6 or more cards in soul.  If I have 10 or more cards in soul, I can unflip one damage.)

Grade 1's:
4x: Dimension Creeper (This unit's ability activates in soul which I soul blast this unit out, and I soul charge 2.)
4x: Flag Breaker (Unfliping perfect guard)
4x: Succubus of Pure Love (Stride fodder)

Grade 0's:
4x: Dark Knight of Nightmareland (Soul charging critical that gives a unit 3k.)
4x: Wertigre Fanatica (Critical)
4x: Monochrome of Nightmareland (Stand trigger that puts itself on top of the deck and soul charges 1.  It's additional skill is that if I have 6 or more in soul I can unflip one damage.  If I have 10 or more in soul, I can draw a card.)
4x: Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland (Heal)
3x: Enigmatic Assassin (Unit that comes out of soul when its darkness ability activates, and it becomes a 20k attacker or booster if I have 15 or more in soul.)
1x: Werfleder Ordonnaz (Forerunner that soul charges itself and lets me soul charge 2 and draws a card if I have 6 or more in soul.)

4x: Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold (His skill is that he recycles my drop zone into deck.  If I have 15 cards in soul, my front row rear guards gain 10k, and if not, I soul charge 5.)
4x: Abominable One, Gilles de Rais (His skill is that if I have 10 or more in soul, he gains 10k.  If I have 15 or more in soul he gains the ability that my opponent cannot guard with grade 1's or higher form hand, and he gains a critical if I have two face up cards in my G-zone.)
1x: Mask of Demonic Frenzy, Ericrius (His ability is that when he attacks, soul charge 2, and he gains 1k for each card in soul if I have 15 or more.  If he hits, my opponent chooses a rear guard and retires it.)
1x: Rebellious Retainer of Fresh Blood, Frederick (His skill is that I put a card from hand to soul, and he gains 1k for each card in soul.  If the total power increased by this skill is 10k or more, he gives the front rear guards 5k.)
1x: Great Demon, Souless Demagogue (His skill is that he gives the front row 1k for every time a card is soul charged.)
1x: Love Tempest, Kisskill Lira (Her skill is that when she hits, soul charge 2 and draw a card if I have 6 or more in soul.)
2x: False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat (G-guardian that soul charges 2 and gains 5k shield if my soul is 6 or more.)
2x: Nighttime Gentleman, Saint-Germain (G-guardian that gains 10k shield if I have 10 or more cards in soul.  If I have 15 or more in soul, I can choose any number of rear guards and give them resist.)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Murakumo Shadowstich

Murakumo Shadowstich

Hello Cardfighters!  Major Spades with another deck profile to present to you.  This time it is Murakumo, and its unique ability shadowstich.  Shadowstich is an ability that activates when your unit's attack didn't hit the opponent's Vanguard and certain effects kick off like extra power to other units or multiple attacks.  I love this deck and its mechanics.  Now lets get into the deck profile.

Grade 3's: 
4x: Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie (This unit's generation break 2 gives me an extra rear guard when one of my units is returned to the deck from my unit's skills.  His stride break makes me clone one unit and search up to two units and call them to separate rear guard circles.)
4x: Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue Reverse (This unit's on ride effect lets me clone Hyakki Vogue and calls it to rear guard circle and at the end of the turn return the called unit to my hand.  The limit break gives 3 of my Hyakki Vogues 10k for just the cost of locking 2 of my rear guards.)

Grade 2's:
4x: Stealth Dragon, Runestar (When this unit attacks, I can call up to one Runestar to rear guard circle and at the end of the turn it goes to my hand.)
4x: Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi (When this unit is placed on rear guard, I soul blast and this unit gets 2k and shadowstich.  The unit's shadowstich ability counter charges and gives another unit 2k.  It can also attack from the back row if I have a Yasuie Vanguard.)
3x: Stealth Dragon, Oboro Keeper (This unit searches me a grade 3 from deck if i send two of this unit into my deck.)

Grade 1's:
2x: Stealth Dragon, Mangy Shooter (This unit's shadowstich ability gives another unit 5k by sending this unit to the bottom of the deck if it doesn't hit the Vanguard.)
4x: Stealth Beast, White Heron (Unflipping perfect guards)
4x: Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi (This unit's shadowstich is that it soul charges itself and counter charges and draws when my other unit attack hits the opponent's Vanguard, and I have to have a Yasuie Vanguard to activate this effect.)
4x: Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka (Stride fodder and Yasuie searcher)

Grade 0's:
4x: Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura (Critical trigger for Yasuie that gives 5k to a Yasuie Vanguard and draw.)
2x: Stealth Beast, Cat Devil (Critical that soul charges itself and gives another unit 3k.)
4x: Stealth Dragon, Hiden Scroll (Stand trigger that sends itself into the deck and can clone one of my rear guards and can make me search up to 2 of the chosen unit and call them to separate rear guard circles.)
2x: Stealth Beast, Drench Serpent (Stand trigger that has a shadowstich ability.  It's ability is that if the attack didn't hit while this unit boosted, I can counter charge 1 and soul charge 1 and give another unit 4k.)
4x: Stealth Fiend, Yukihime (Heal)
1x: Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen (Forerunner that has a shadowstich ability when this unit boost and the attack didn't hit, move this unit to open rear guard as stand in the back row.  The other ability is to rest this unit and put a normal unit from drop to bottom of the deck.  If the unit has shadowstich, choose one of your units and give it 3k.)

1x: Snow Element, Blizza (Stride unit that gets 5k for every face up G unit for one counterblast.)
4x: Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Homura Raider (Restanding stride unit if I send 3 units with the same name to my deck and this unit will only have twin drive.)
2x: Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Onibibu Radar (Stride unit that lets me call a unit from hand and give it 2k and the ability to attack from the back row.)
2x: Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Temma (Stride unit that has a shadowstich ability to call rear guards with the same name if my original rear guard's attack didn't hit the Vanguard.)
1x: Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Kagamijishi (Stride unit that gives my units with the same name 2k and the ability to attack from the back row.)
1x: Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Hyakki Vogue Nayuta (Stride unit that sends a cards with Hyakki in its card name to the bottom of my deck and I choose a unit and clone that and call it to rear guard with a 10k boost if I have a Hyakki heart.)
1x: Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster (Stride unit that lets me clone one of my units and give that unit drive check.)
2x: Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Hougen Wing (G-guardian that lets me choose one of my grade 1 or greater rear guards and clone it to call to guardian circle.  After the unit is guarding, it goes to the bottom of my deck.)
1x: Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shishiyuzuki (G-guardian that lets me choose one of my units and move it to guardian circle and it gets 5k shield and I get to search for units with the same card name to guardian circle.)
1x: Metal Element, Scryew (G-guardian that gets 10k shield extra if I discard a card from hand.)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blog Organization

Gonna start reorganizing the blog soon:

Updating "About Us" page for updated profiles.
Redoing the deck lists page to show current decks.
Tagging things that lack tags.
Maybe a new banner...
Adding an art corner for myself.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dimensional Robo Justice

Dimensional Robo Justice
Hello Cardfighters.  Major Spades here with another deck profile for Dimension Police.  This time it is Dimensional Robos.  The main mechanic for the deck is that it shield breaks my opponent's guardians when a grade 3 Dimension Police unit has been drove checked.  I love this deck, and I love how scared my opponents get when they guard and rethink how they will guard.  Enough about that, lets head into the deck profile.

Grade 3's:
4x: Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser (Break ride that gives the unit that rode on it 10k and a critical.  Also, if I drive check a grade 3, I get to retire one of my opponent's guardians.)
3x: True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser (Legion that breaks shields when I drive check grade 3 units, and it gets an additional critical when I have 3 or more Dimensional Robos in my soul.)
2x: Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha (Leigon mate and cross ride unit that gets 2k power and a critical when I have 3 or more Dimensional Robos in soul.  Sadly in a ruling the critical doesn't carry on to Great Daikaiser.)

Grade 2's:
4x: Dimensional Robo, Daibazooka (This unit becomes a grade 3 when drive checked, and it counter charges and soul charges if I have Kaiser as my Vanguard.  He also gains 2k power when he attacks if I have a Kaiser Vanguard.)
4x: Dimensional Robo, Daidragon (12k attacker for Dimensional Robos)
3x: Dimensional Robo, Daijet (This unit recycles Dimensional Robo 3's and gives my Vanguard 4k and the on hit ability where I draw a card for a counterblast.)

Grade 1's:
4x: Dimensional Robo, Daishield (Perfect guard for Dimensional Robos, and I use this so that I have those 3 Dimensional Robos in soul for Great Daikaiser and Daiyusha.)
4x: Cosmic Hero Grandrope (Stride fodder)
3x: Commander Laurel (His ability makes my Vanguard restand if it hits, and I have to rest 4 units for the cost.)
2x: Dimensional Robo Operator, Yuka (This unit's generation break skill is that if I place this on rear guard she gives 4k to my Vanguard.)

Grade 0's:
4x: Dimensional Robo, Baibattles (Critical trigger that has a skill from soul which soul blast this unit and give your Vanguard 4k power.)
4x: Dimensional Ro
bo, Daiwolf (Critical)
4x: Dimensional Robo, Daicrane (Draw)
4x: Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (Heal)
1x; Cosmic Hero, Grandseed (Starting Vanguard that gains the ability when its power is raised.  If this unit is 9k or greater, it gives my Vanguard the ability to draw a card when it hits.  I can activate this ability by hitting triggers and giving the power to Grandseed to activate the ability.)

4x: 99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth (This unit makes me superior call a grade 2 and 3 Dimensional Robo onto the field, and he gains a critical when I have 2 or more Daiearths face up in my G-zone.)
4x: Legendary Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser Leon (This unit shield breaks when I reveal a grade 3 Dimensional Police unit from my drive checks.)
2x: Super Cosmic Hero, X-rouge (This unit gives me the ability to retire a rear guard and draw if X-rouge's power is 37k or more and it hits.  I use the trigger's power to hopefully gain this skill.)
1x: Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop (This unit gets quadruple drive if his power is 35k or more.  Triggers don't work on this guy so I use the effects of Daibattles, Daijet or Yuka to power him up and it counts the booster behind him too.)
3x: Enigman Patriot (G guardian that gains 5k shield if my opponent's attacking Vanguard is 20k or greater.)
1x: Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou (G guardian that gains 10k shield if my opponent's attacking Vanguard is 30k or more.  It also gives my Vanguard 4k power if I discard a card.)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nubatama Afterimage

Nubatama Afterimage
Hello Cardfighters its Major Spades with a deck profile for you.  Sorry for the long delay as I was taking a break from a lot of stress over time, but I will try my best to post deck profiles.  Today's is Nubatama afterimage which the deck relies on controlling your opponent's hand.  Afterimage is a special ability that activates when my opponent puts a bound card to his or her hand, and units with the afterimage ability returns to your hand if I have 6 or less cards in hand.  Its really fun to play.  I love this deck as it is one of my favorite Dragon Empire clans.  Lets head into the deck profile.

Grade 3's:
4x: Stealth Dragon, Shiranui (His first effect is that he gains 5k and a critical if you have less cards in hand, and his stride break effect makes your opponent bind a rear guard and discard a card.)
4x: Stealth Dragon, Kegareshinmyo (This card searches for an afterimage card from top 5 cards and gives 3k to a rear guard when called to rear guard circle.)

Grade 2's:
4x: Stealth Dragon, Nibikatabira (He has afterimage and he gives another unit afterimage and 3k if I have Shiranui as my Vanguard.)
4x: Stealth Beast, Tamahagane (He binds an opponent's rear guard when he is placed on rear guard or Vanguard circle.)
3x: Stealth Rouge of the Night Fog, Miyabi (When this unit attacks Vanguard, I get to choose a random card from my opponent's hand and bind it and it gains 3k if I have less cards than my opponent.)

Grade 1's:
4x: Stealth Rouge of Veils, Kurenai (Unflip perfect guard)
4x: Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune (Stride fodders and searcher for Shiranui)
3x: Stealth Dragon, Chigiregumo (This unit searches the top 3 cards for an afterimage unit and calls it to rear guard for 1 soul blast.)
3x: Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki (If my opponent has 3 or more cards in hand, I can send this card to the soul and random bind a card in my opponent's hand.)

Grade 0's:
4x: Stealth Dragon, Noroi (Special critical for Shiranui)
4x; Killing Method Stealth Rogue, Samidare (Critical)
4x: Stealth Dragon, Onibidoshi (Stand trigger that makes me draw a card if i have less cards in hand and gives 3k to a unit and shuffles back in deck.  It also has afterimage.
4x: Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime (Heal)
1x: Stealth Rogue of the Wintry Wind, Kamojigusa (Starting Vanguard that has afterimage, and it can retire bound cards when placed on rear guard.)

3x: Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan (On hit my opponent discards a card)
3x: Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gounrakan (When he is placed on Vanguard, my opponent chooses two of his or her rear guards and those stay on the field while the rest get bound.  If 3 or more were bounded this way, two of the bound cards get sent to the drop zone.)
4x: Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord (When he attacks the Vanguard, my opponent chooses one card from his or her hand and bind it.  If my opponent has 3 or less cards, this card gets an extra critical.)
1x: Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Tsukumorakan (This unit binds all my opponent's hand cards until they have 4 in hand when this unit is placed on Vanguard circle.)
4x; Jinx Stealth Hermit, Abudataishi (G-guardian that gains 5k if my opponent has 6 or less cards in hand.)