Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oracle Think Tank - Tsukuyomi's Stack

Wrote this up on a whim, so yeah, SURPRISE ARTICLE!  Not that it's half assed or anything.

I played this deck a few times before (in real life with real cards, with proxies, and online) and it really is a lot of fun.  It's also a good memory exercise.  Gotta remember that stack! 

This will be my personal take on the deck and will be highly focused on deck depletion.

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Grade 0:
1x Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
4x Lozenge Magus (Heal)
2x Dream Eater (Draw)
2x Victory Maker (Draw)
2x Miracle Kid (Draw)
4x Psychic Bird (Critical)
2x Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical)

Grade 1:
4x Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi
4x Battle Sister, Chocolat
3x Oracle Guardian, Gemini
2x Battle Sister, Cocoa
1x Circle Magus
1x Dark Cat

Grade 2:
4x Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi
3x Silent Tom
2x Battle Sister, Mocha
2x Maiden of Libra

Grade 3:
3x Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
4x CEO Amaterasu
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Unit Explanations:

Because this is a deck based on Tsukuyomi's ride chain's ability to create a stack on the bottom of the deck, I won't explain why any of the Tsukuyomi units are here.

(EB05): Wow, wow, you drew it.
There are a lot of draw triggers, I know.  They're great for OTT in general, but for this variant, 6 is nice since they help you run through the deck quickly.  (One of these days, I'm going to make a deck list for a suicide OTT build with 16 draw triggers...)  The reason there's 3 types of draw triggers is because I find that it's easier to identify and remember the stack with more card variety in lesser numbers for each type.  If you find the opposite to be true, run 4 of 1 type and 2 of another. 

You can do the same with the heal triggers if you have access to 2 copies of Sphere Magus.

Criticals are ESSENTIAL to help push for a win in late game.  If you have a bad memory and can't remember your whole stack, remember the triggers if anything.  ESPECIALLY criticals.

Grade 1 units start with the perfect guards.  4x Chocolat is absolutely necessary due to the fact that this deck MUST carry into late game.

3x Gemini is mainly for Silent Tom but also works as a good booster in general.  Cocoa is here for her divination effect, but because she makes a crappy booster for 8k attackers (and sometimes 9k attackers) there's only 2.  Circle Magus and Dark Cat are more or less sort of there as a tech.  Actually, they also work well together.  Both of their effects compliment the deck as a whole.  Also, they boost for 7k, which is generally favorable.

3x Silent Tom is there because he's a high threat unit.  And for good reason.  Grade 0s, which are typically used to guard, cannot be used to guard against Silent Tom.  (Actually, this might be very unprofessional of me, but I don't think I feel like explaining why Silent Tom is a good unit.  I'm tired, and this should be obvious.)
Threat and Pressure are wonderful things. As long as they're on your side of the field.
Mocha is another good attacking unit for this deck because of the high number of draw triggers.  Her effect will be active most of the time.  Maiden of Libra is more of a personal choice.  She creates pressure, which is good.  This deck also doesn't really use counterblasts if you fail to use Tsukuyomi's skill, so everything goes to Amaterasu's megablast (which isn't going to be used so much) and Libra in those cases.  Her skill can be used even in late game, as she does not have to hit the vanguard.  If you prefer, Oracle Guardians, Red Eye and Wiseman are also good alternatives.

Only 3 copies of the grade 3 Tsukuyomi are used because Amaterasu is a better vanguard in general due to her skill.  The ride chain's most important purpose in this deck is to stack 12-15 cards on the bottom of your deck, and that's what the grade 0, 1, and 2 do.  (Not that grade 3 Tsukuyomi's skill isn't amazing if you get the whole ride chain off.)  Amaterasu herself aids in running through the deck by soul charging each turn.  In addition to that, each card you divine, and don't keep on top of your deck also gets stacked on the bottom (both her effects will make it easier to get through the deck to the stack).  She can also hit for 3 stages as vanguard due to having an easy condition to meet for an extra 4k: you need 4 cards in hand.  Not even.  You only need 2 before her own twin drive because her +4k effect is continuous.

Having only 7 grade 3s should be safe for this deck because of the higher number of draw triggers.  I have tested this deck and I have not noticed any grade stuck problems.

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Winning Image:

Remember your stack and remember it well.  When you hit it, you'll know what every card you draw, drive check, or damage check will be.  And that, will bring victory.


-Use the 1-2 copy cards as "stack identifiers".  When you hit that card, you'll know you hit the stack (because no matter how hard I try, I can't remember exactly how big the stack is).
-If you can't remember all the cards in the stack, try to remember the triggers.
-When you stack, be smart about it.  Don't put a draw trigger under a draw trigger.
-Circle Magus can view the top card, but you can't choose to put it on the bottom.  If it isn't a card you want to drive check, you can sometimes use Dark Cat or Psychic Bird to draw the card instead.
-Draw Triggers are plentiful.  When you don't have an extra grade 3, you can drop one for Chocolat's defense.
-Time those Silent Toms right.  If you think your opponent can't guard it, (and perhaps you also know your drive check will be a trigger)  call it out and do some damage.
-Removing a few units and swapping them with units you prefer may help you remember your cards better.  I find that cards I personally favor tend to be remembered easily.
-If your stack is REALLY BAD, Lozenge Magus is an emergency deck shuffler.

Battle Sisters!  Assemble!
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Deck Cost: Not cheap.  A rough estimate of the damage would be about $250 or so.  It'll get better when EB05 comes out though.


  1. Thanks for the help and stuff but I was just wondering as to how much this deck would cost in real life?

    1. Right now, a rough estimate brings it to about $250 - $300.

  2. what do you think is better oracle think tank Tsukuyomi deck or Amaterasu deck

    1. They each have their differences and similarities. Although I have to say, I feel that nothing beats Tsukuyomi if you hit your stack, it has triggers, and you know where they are. CEO Amaterasu practically raises your trigger chances, so that's also nice. Depends what you like more I guess.