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Dragon∞Blade (Admin)

Cardfighter since the summer of 2012 (officially since Konami's September 2012 banlist).  Is one hell of a casual.  Doesn't really like tournaments, but makes exceptions for Vanguard.  Expect decks that don't run heals or PGs.  Also plans to do some Vanguard unit cosplays in the near future.  Also plays WS, YGO (kinda), and MTG (EDH).

Rin Dunois (Contributor)

Cardfighting since 2012, has ended up playing in several regional events in California, getting Top 32 in 2 separate Bushiroad World Championships (Anaheim 2012 and Pasadena 2014, both with Royal Paladin Alfred Beat). Played Weiss Schwarz prior to playing Cardfight!! Vanguard unlike 99% of the playerbase and recently got back into that game as of 2013 and spends more time engaging in discourse about that game instead of discussing how to drive check triple crits for game. Currently focused on maining da sexy sword bois alongside longtime trustworthy ally, Alfred (and maybe some mermaid idols).

Barrel (insert unimportant title here):

Started playing in 2012. Enjoys casual play and experimenting with unorthodox strategies. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. Will probably be assigned to work on any video content for the YouTube channel. Believes in the 6th damage heal unlike Dragon∞Blade.

Major Spades (Contributor):

I gotten into the game since 2012 since the Slash of Silver Wolf trial deck came out and thus I originally became a gold paladin player.  I casually play Yugioh (Madolches and Ghostricks) and Magic the Gathering (standard).  I recently got to round 7 of 7 of the Bushiroad World Championship 2016 in Pamona, CA with Great Nature.  Currently, I have over 15 decks almost playing every clan of the planet Cray except Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Narukami, Gear Chronicle, Link Joker, Nova Grappler, Megacolony, and Touken Ranbu.  What I want to do moving forward is to keep building and experimenting on deck builds to present to trigger capital in the future, and I want to top at all regionals.

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