Friday, May 30, 2014

“Prehistoric Beast Claim this Habitat as your own Tachikaze Roar!”

Hello again Cardfighters.  As I announced on my Dark Irregulars page, I am now going to share a double feature profile with two deck builds from the Tachikaze clan before I go to FanimeCon.  One is the Raptor Colonel chain ride, and the other is the new Ancient Dragons.  Tachikaze is well known for their mechanic of sacrificing their own rear guards to get power boost and additional skills.  It does make sense that dinosaurs need to feed to live and get stronger.  Overall I love the deck mechanic, and I freaking loved dinosaurs as a kid.  My favorite dinosaur is always the Stegosaurus.  I love how it has plates on its body and a sharp spiked tail as a defense.  Also, I loved how Stegosaurus was featured in the movie “Jurassic Park: The Lost World.”  I was a big fan of all the Jurassic Park movies and looking forward to Jurassic World in the future.  Also, Tachikaze also made me remember a show I used to love that was shown on Cartoon Network and Toonami was “Zoids.”  Zoids is a show about giant robotic dinosaurs and beast fighting while being piloted by humans.  Tachikaze reminded me soo much about that show ever since the Raptor series for Vanguard came out.  Now, Ancient Dragons represent full-fledged dinosaurs.  Ancient Dragons is its own deck archetype that unleashes the full potential of the Tachikaze clan.  Well that’s enough about my personal liking of Tachikaze, here is my two builds that I enjoy a lot.

Raptor Colonel Chain Ride:

Grade 0’s:
1x Military Dragon, Raptor Soldier (starting Vanguard for the chain ride)
4x Ironclad Dragon, Steelsaurus (Heal)
4x Dragon Bird, Firepteryx (Critical)
4x Black Cannon Tiger (Critical)
4x Carry Trilobite (Draw)

Grade 1’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant (grade 1 for the raptor ride chain that lets me search the top 7 cards of my deck for a Raptor Captain or Raptor Colonel and add it to my hand if I rode over the grade 0 raptor)
4x Archbird (perfect guard)
3x Sonic Noa (8k booster)
3x Winged Dragon, Beamptero (a unit that gives another Tachikaze unit 3k when this unit is retired during battle)

Grade 2’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Captain (grade 2 for the raptor ride chain and its additional skill superior calls a Raptor Sergeant onto a rear guard circle if I have the grade 0 and grade 1 raptor in my soul, and it gains 1000k for the whole game if Raptor Sergeant is in the soul)
4x Ravenous Dragon, Megarex (10k attacker)
4x Winged Dragon, Slashptero (a unit like Beamptero that gives a unit 3k when this unit is retired during battle)

Grade 3’s:
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel (grade 3 of the raptor ride chain and its gets 1000k for the whole match when you have Raptor Captain in the soul, and its ride skill is that if you have all the raptors in the soul and Raptor Colonel rode on the Raptor Captain then you can search from your deck a Raptor Captain and superior call it to a rear guard circle.  Its limit break is to counter blast 1 and retire 2 Tachikaze rear guards.  While Colonel is attacking, it gains the total attack of the Tachikaze rear guards that were retired by the skill)
3x Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex (this unit’s limit break is to bind this card and give a Tachikaze unit 3k.  When your Vanguard didn’t hit, you retire 3 Tachikaze rear guards and superior ride this card from the bind zone for an additional attack)

Ancient Dragon Mayhem:

Grade 0’s:
1x Ancient Dragon, Baby Rex (starting Vanguard, and its skill lets me superior call Tyrannolegend onto a rear guard circle when Baby Rex is retired for one counter blast)
4x Ancient Dragon, Ornithhealer (Heal)
4x Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo (Draw)
2x Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo (Draw and a skill to give a unit 3k by putting this unit into soul)
4x Ancient Dragon, Dinodile (Critical and a skill to flip a damage over when I move this unit into the soul)
2x Black Cannon Tiger (Critical)

Grade 1’s:
4x Ancient Dragon, Paraswall (perfect guard)
4x Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg (a unit that can be brought back to rear guard from the drop zone from being retired for one counterblast)   
3x Sonic Noa (8k booster)
2x Ancient Dragon, Triplasma (10k hitter for Ancient Dragons)
1x Ancient Dragon, Gattlingaro (a 12 attacker if I retire a Tachikaze rear guard)

Grade 2’s:
4x Ancient Dragon, Beamankylo (12k hitters for Ancient Dragons)
4x Ancient Dragon, Criollofall (10k unit)
4x Ancient Dragon, Dinocrowd (14k attacker if I retire one of my Tachikaze rear guards when this unit attacks)

Grade 3’s:
4x Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver (break ride for Tachikaze that gives the Vanguard 10k power and an extra critical along with drawing two cards when you retire 2 of your Tachikaze rear guards)
3x Ancient Dragon, Tyrannolegend (a pressuring unit that its limit break is to retire 3 Tachikaze rear guards and give this unit 10k power and a critical)

First, my opinion on the Raptor chain ride is that it was the small support that helped Tachikaze a bit, and I like the mechanic of filling your field if you successfully get the ride chain off.  I love how the pterodactyl grad 1 and 2 that gives your remaining attacking column power when you get the combo off at the right time.  Raptor Colonel’s skill was good in terms of having your opponent drop perfect shields or hand, and Dark Rex was that final turn attack, but the deck kind of lacked the maintaining of field presence.  I am retiring my units, yet I have to use cards from my hand to have a full field formation.  I was losing units and hand for defense.  However, Ancient Dragons is my overall personal favorite due to that when Iguanogorg came out that help keep that field prescience, and Spinodriver’s break ride skill for draw power and pressuring.  Also, the fact the Ancient Dragons is more full-fledged dinosaurs than the Raptor chain ride.  They are both fun to me, yet I still have these two deck builds because I love my dinosaurs, and I hope they will get a legion along with my other favorite clans.  I hope you enjoyed this double feature profile.  As always, keep fighting Cardfighters. ^.^


  1. Keep the good jobs coming, cuz i had used this deck b4 and it's so good!!!

    1. Yes I love both these deck builds. I love Dinosaurs and I just love them to death. I can't wait for their upcoming support of Fighters Collection volume 2 ^///^

    2. dude you and i are using a lot of same deck type for some reason.