Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Moonlight Rabbit Rush: 2nd revise - Pellinore rush deck, post G

Due to my recent (err, last 2 years...) poor health and busy class schedules (thankfully, both situations are somewhat managable now), I haven't posted anything in a while.

But since Spades has such awesome articles to post for G era decks, I thought I'd follow suit as well with a revised version of my Pellinore rush deck!  (Actually, this is the 2nd revision of the rush variant of my Pellinore deck, but actually the 5th revision of my Pellinore deck counting non rush versions.)

Also due to my poor health, I've grown tired of playing decks that last longer than I do.  I cannot play grind games anymore.  So naturally, I've become fond of decks with a short lifespan on the table.  As a general rule, I aim to allow my opponent no more than 1 stride.  I kill em right after, or I die next turn.  That's how it usually goes.  If you too are fond of shorter games, this deck might be of interest to you.  If not, go look for a Gurguit/Pellinore deck list, that may be more up your alley.


Grade 0:
1x Spring Breeze Messenger
4x Ketchgal Liberator (Stand)
4x Steel Blade Liberator, Alwilla (Critical)
4x Flame of Victory (Critical)
4x Ascendant Liberator, Barbtruc (Critical)

Heals are useless here, you're always ahead in damage.  Don't run them just for G guarding.  Unless you wanna try using this deck with Danvallo G3 (it's not bad, I tried it).

Grade 1:
1x Listener of Truth, Dindrane
2x Blackmane Witch
4x Invitation Liberator, Rud
4x Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin
4x Dawning Knight, Gorboduc

PGs are useless here, aim to end the game early.  Chances are, without guarding, you won't even get enough CB.  Unless it's against ripples or something lol.

Grade 2:
4x Lop Ear Shooter
4x Citation Liberator, Heli
4x Holy Mage, Elio
2x Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane

Grade 3:
4x White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore

Grade 4:
2x Fast Chase Golden Knight, Campbell
1x Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon
2x your choice of G assist fodder (not to be used for grade 3)
(everything else is optional, you won't have more than a turn or 2 to stride anyways)

Troll tips (which are actually really useful and do hold true most of the time):

  • One does not ride to grade 3.  You simply place your Pellinore on VG when the time comes.
  • Attack order is of utmost importance when aiming for Pellinore...
  • If you have to start guarding attacks before your opponent is at 5 damage, you probably lost.
  • If your opponent isn't at 5 damage and they have over 10 cards in hand (regardless of your own damage), you probably lost.
  • If all your Pellinores are out of the deck, you probably lost.

Have fun, troll the hell out of your local meta!  Especially everyone who started playing not so long ago.

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