Sunday, July 17, 2016

Daily Tournament Blog: Gurguit claims 3rd in Top 3 at Zero Gravity Trading Card Games & Collectables

Daily Tournament Blog: Gurguit Claims 3rd in Top 3 at Zero Gravity Trading Card Games & Collectables

Hello Cardfighters its Major Spades with another daily tournament blog.  I was at a 10 man tourney at Zero Gravity Trading Card Games & Collectables yesterday at the Moreno Valley mall yesterday.  Tourneys start at 6pm, and it was going to be a 3 round tourney due to time restrictions.  Lets get into my tournament experience.  Round 1: Gold Paladin Gurguit vs Gavrail/Nociel.  I was able to win the match by time out.  Game 1: I was able to over power my opponent with constant high columns, but my opponent was very tough getting those annoying rescues and Lifros getting up to 35-50k columns with those annoying stands from drive checks and rescues; however, my opponent didn't have any Broken Heart Angels the whole game to not only get that extra pressure but the base attack gain for defense.  Game 2: this game went into time.  We both been pushing for high column numbers, but Angel Feathers Gavrail tend to go into time due to Lifros loops and calculating the total power gain of all units in the front row.  I was able to take some of that damage and use the cards to defend from my hand and Gurguit's generation break skill to hold out those powerful Angel Feather attacks to the point that my opponent is done with her last turn.  It was a very hard and intense Cardfight, but it was fun too.  Round 2: Gold Paladin Gurguit vs Gear Chronicle Chronojet time leap.  Game 1: I was able to win it by early double critical onto my opponent to a Radiant Sword Gurguit game end, but I was able to lose the match due to in games 2 and 3 my opponent got very lucky to double crit me at 3 damage at both games.  I couldn't do nothing about it.  My opponent was very lucky getting the triggers he needed for victory.  My final round which had to be a best of 1 due to the store nearing closing, but I was able to win by early game double criticals, and a double dose of Radiant Sword Gurguit.  I was playing against Thavas Aqua Force, and it was a matter of luck on my end as my opponent was able to get waves in, but he didn't have any Lambros in his G-zone to finish me which was the difference.  In the end. the top 4 decks that topped were: First is Dimensional Robo Ultimate Daikaiser cross ride, second is Dimensional Police Daikaiser with Metalborg engine, third is Gold Paladin Gurguit unite, and fourth is Angel Feather Gavrail/Nociel.

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