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Competitive Deck of the Week: Granblue Hollowness

Competitive Deck of the Week: Granblue Hollowness 

Hello Cardfighters this is Major Spades with another competitive deck profile of the week.  This week is Granblue.  This deck is very good in calling units from the drop zone and getting extra abilities or power ups from their hollow abilities.  This deck is very fun to use, and it can be very powerful during late to mid game calling units every turn.  I hope you enjoy this deck profile.

Granblue Hollow:
Grade 3's:
3x: Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist (This break ride unit makes me call 2 Granblue units from the drop zone, and they gain a 5k gain from the skill.)
4x: Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose (She has a break stride skill that lets me call a unit from the drop zone.  Her generation 2 break skill makes me call another unit from the drop zone whenever one of my units is sent to the drop zone for just milling 3 cards from the top of my deck for the cost.)
1x: Ghoul Dragon, Gast Dragon (This unit's hollow ability gives him 5k.  If I mill 2 cards from my deck, I can give it an additional 3k power.)

Grade 2's:
4x: Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy (This unit can bring back one unit from the drop zone if I have a Nightrose Vanguard.)
3x: Witch Doctor of the Rotten Sea, Negrorook (This unit's hollow ability makes him become a 16k beater.)
2x: Skeleton Cannoneer (When this unit is brought back from the drop, I can counterblast 1 and draw a card while retiring one of my opponent's unit when this unit is hollowed.)
1x: Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon (When this unit is called to rear guard from drop, this unit can retire one of my opponent's units when it hits.)
1x: Pirate Swordsman, Colombard (When this unit attacks while boosted, it can bring back one of my units from the drop zone.)

Grade 1's:
3x: Witch Doctor of Powered Bone, Negrobone (This unit can retire the unit it boosted to call out another unit from the drop zone for one counterblast and if I have Nightrose as my Vanguard.)
4x: Tommy the Ghostie Brothers (Stride fodder and Nightrose searcher.)
3x: Waterspout Djinn (Unflipping perfect guards)
1x: Gust Jinn (Old perfect guard for nostalgia)
1x: Sea Strolling Banshee (When she is called from drop, I can soul blast 1 and draw a card.)
1x: Sea Rumble Banshee (I can retire one of my rear guards to call her and she gets 2k and the ability to counter charge 1, so she is a free call booster or attacker.)
1x: Greedy Mimic (This unit becomes a 9k attacker when it attacks the Vanguard.)

Grade 0's
4x: Rough Seas Banshee (Critical trigger that puts itself into soul, so I can draw a card.)
4x: Jimmy the Ghostie (Critical)
2x: Ghoul Cannonball (Critical)
2x: Mick the Ghostie and Family (Stand trigger that gives a unit 10k when called to rear guard then hollowed.  When this unit dies, it goes back into the deck.)
4x: Good Luck Charm Banshee (Heal)
1x: Undying Departed, Grenache (This starting unit can counter charge 2 from its hollow ability.)

1x: Ghostie Great King, Obadiah (This unit makes me choose 3 units from my deck and send them to the drop zone.  If two units have the hollow ability, I can call one normal unit with Ghostie in its name.)
3x: Demon Sea Queeen, Maread (This unit can call up to a certain number of units from the drop zone by how many Queen Mareads I have face up in my G-zone.)
4x: Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose (When this unit attacks, I can call 2 more units from the drop zone for an extra attack. for 2 counterblast and a persona flip.)
1x: Pirate King of Secret Schemes, Bandit Rum (When this unit hits, I can call one unit from my drop zone to rear guard circle.)
1x: Pirate King of the Abyss, Blueheart (This unit can call 2 units from drop zone for 1 counterblast.)
1x: Loved by the Seven Seas, Nightmist (If my heart has Seven Seas in its name, I can call 2 units from the drop zone, but they die at the end of the turn.)
2x: Eclipse Dragonhulk, Deep Corpse Dragon (G-guardian that gains 5k if I send the top 2 cards of my deck to drop zone.)
1x: Air Elemental, Sebreeze (I stride this when my opponent plays the grade 2 game or is grade stuck at 2.)
1x: Dark Element, Dizmel (This G-guardian has resist and makes me choose a unit that cannot be hit or chosen for effects of my opponent's card effects, and it is a great counter for Dimension Police match ups.)

1x: Metal Element, Scryew (25k shield if I discard a card.)

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