Saturday, February 25, 2017

Approaching New Challenger!!!

The Wheel of Fate Is Turning...

          I am the empty void, I am the darkest light, I am the soul engorging blade....

          Greetings, fellow Cardfighters! I am Shino, I have been a competitor of Vanguard since 2012 from the reign of Majesty Lord Blaster and Dragonic Overlord The End, to Spectral Duke Dragon and Revenger, Raging Form Dragon, to Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" to Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo".  I have Top 16th in Team League for Vanguard's "Kick-off" event, Top 9th for Team League at Anaheim, CA in 2014, 4th place at ARG Kansas City for Fall 2015, Top 8 at ARG Kansas City for Winter 2015, 3rd/4th place for ARG Circuit Series at ARG Chicago Fall 2016, and contended ARG Nationals in December 2016.

         Not only have I played Vanguard, I have spent a surplus number of years in other card games as well, but have not been able to content any large tournaments, unofficial and/or official. So, this making Vanguard my option to take the game to another level beyond from
the stereotypes we may see per day.

         As you can all tell, the main clan I tend to focus on is Shadow Paladin. Shadow Paladin, or "Spal", has been the clan I have the most experience with against all of the other clans and their various builds, especially with the equatable situations of which may possibly occur. I do respect the "main clan" idea, but I don't limit myself to that idea. I also play Gear Chronicle "Chronojet", Link Joker "Star-Vader, Chaos", Neo Nectar "Ahsha/Marjukka", Dark Irregular "Bladewing/Darkness", and Royal Paladin "Thing Blaster".

        I have full intentions of making threads in terms of possible rising builds in both English and Japan "metas", what to consider mid-game, things that could be possible, and creating discussions based on current thoughts and evaluate through multiple possibilities. I am Shino, and I do hope to see you all again soon in the battlefield...


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