Monday, January 6, 2014

Bermuda Triangle: PR♥ISM’s Melody to Victory

Hello everybody, I am back with another passionate article.  First of all, I want to wish all of you happy holidays, and I hope your holiday festivities are full of fun and excitement.  Since it’s the holidays, Bermuda Triangles have that nice velvet voice and energy that will get the crowd cheering and singing along, and I feel it is time for them to get the spotlight on this article.  Why I love Bermuda Triangle?  Cause they are soo cute.  Plus I always love the beautiful ocean and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.  So here are the dazzling divas themselves, the Bermuda Triangles and the PR♥ISM gang will be the deck profile I will be talking about when I took this deck into the Cardfight Vanguard World Championship 2013 regional in Pasadena, California.

When the qualifiers arrived, I was very excited and nervous because this is my very first Vanguard regional that I am playing in.  Since the new booster set came out (booster set 11: Seal Dragons Unleashed), I was very worried that most of the decks that I will be playing against was the deck I feared most which is Dauntless Dragonic Overlord The End (Dauntless/DOTE).  My deck of choice for the regionals was the Bermuda Triangle PR♥ISM deck.  The name of my deck is PR♥ISM LOVE.  I chose this deck as a backup because I couldn’t find a proper build with the Gold Paladins along with the short amount of Liberators released on that time line where Seal Dragons Unleashed came out before booster set 12: Triumph Return of the King of Knights.  I never had time to test out the Liberator/ Pellinore build since I live in a city that doesn’t have any Vanguard tourneys, and I didn’t have a large group to practice with.  I use to go to shop tourneys far from my city, but I been having problems finding transportation.  As a result, I picked my second best deck that I had some practice with which are Bermuda Triangles and took it to regional with me as my Gold Paladins were still in unfinished prototype mode.  

 As I arrived inside the Pasadena Convention Center where they have the Cardfight qualifiers at, I was quite amazed that soo many people arrived to this event even though it was my first experience.  I was still nervous and very shy throughout the event, but I wanted to do my very best to make the most fun out of this event since I never been playing as much Cardfight as every Cardfighter has been.  So, it’s time for the deck profile along with my opponent’s I faced and my personal most valuable players of my deck.

Bermuda Triangle: PR♥ISM LOVE:

Grade 0’s:
1x PR♥ISM-Smile, Coro (Starting Vanguard)
4x PR♥ISM-Miracle, Canary (Critical)
2x Gunslinger Star, Florida (Critical)
4x PR♥ISM-Miracle, Adria (Draw)
2x Heartful Ale, Fundy (Draw)
4x PR♥ISM-Miracle, Timor (Heal)

Grade 1’s:
4x Mermaid Idol, Elly
4x PR♥ISM-Image, Clear
4x PR♥ISM-Romance, Mercure
2x PR♥ISM-Promise, Leyte

Grade 2’s:
4x PR♥ISM-Romance, Lumiere
2x PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic
2x Girls' Rock, Rio
4x PR♥ISM-Smile, Ligurian

Grade 3’s:
4x PR♥ISM-Image, Vert
3x PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador

Match ups:
Round 1: PR♥ISM LOVE vs Eradicator Sweep Command (Eradicator wins 1-0)
My first paring was against an Eradicator player of the Nurakami clan.  From my analysis, Nurakami had some support from booster set 11.  I was going to be able to see the Sweep Commander in action.  It was a nice flowing game (not too aggressive on both ends or defensive).  When we both had four damage, I broke ride my Labrador over my Vert.  Giving me the extra card and bouncing up to two my rear guards back to my hand, I was able to trigger my two grade one Clears skill giving a Bermuda unit 4k power by soul blasting one card, so I use both their skills to give my front rear guards power.  Then I used my vanguard Labrador’s skill by calling 3 PR♥ISMs from my hand to rear guard circle, my vanguard gets an extra 10k boost with an extra critical making her 31k alone.  However, my opponent used perfect guards for my vanguard attacks, so my rear guards were the ones hitting.  Suddenly, when my opponent broke ride Vowing Sword over Vowing Sword, he retired one of my front row units, and he then used Eradicator, First Thunder Dracokid to superior break ride with Sweep Command and retiring my front row along with Dragonic Deathscythe, clearing almost my field.  I was going to drop my cards from my hand when I saw the destruction.  As a result, I only had triggers in my hand to replenish my field, so I was only attacking with my vanguard.  Yet, he guards it and then it gets to the point that I lose all the cards in my hand and lose.  Wow that Sweep Command debut.  Some Cardfighters were very skeptical about the build, but it seem to work.

Round 2: PR♥ISM LOVE vs Angel Feathers (Metatron) (PR♥ISM wins 1-0)
It was a very short match, but my opponent doesn’t use the new Celestial break ride but only pure Metatron.  Bad thing, he didn’t have a full field of rear guards for additional attacks.  I had a full field and just aimed all my attacks on his vanguard snagging me the win for this round.  I didn’t have a break ride for the round, but I was pushing with the Labrador limit break.

Round 3: PR♥ISM LOVE vs Royal Paladin Majesty Lord Blaster (MLB) (PR♥ISM LOVE wins 1-0 due to opponent dropping out of the competition)
Well I was kind of surprise to see that happen.  A judge called me to the front stage along with my opponent, and my opponent declared he will drop out due to circumstances.  I hope everything is ok on his end; however, I got the win.  I was kind of bummed out because it would have been an exciting matchup with PR♥ISM against Majesty Lord Blaster.

Round 4: PR♥ISM LOVE vs Nurakami Armor Break Dragon (PR♥ISM LOVE wins 1-0)
The match was exciting to me because not many Cardfighters play Vowing Sword with Armor Break.  Throughout this match, I had very good hand power because I was break riding Vert over Vert twice which it was giving me the hand power.  Plus, the units bounced back to my hand give me an opportunity to reconsider my options for playing defensively.  I had my Labrador pushing late game and depleting my opponent’s hand, but he never used the limit break when he broke ride Vowing Sword with Armor Break Dragon.  I found out that he had very few cards in his hand, and using Armor Break would cost him even though I had good hand advantage.  In the end, my vanguard and rear guards pushed with power boost from my grade one booster Clears and trigger power boosts got me the win for the round. 

Round 5: PR♥ISM LOVE vs Dauntless/DOTE (Kagero) (Dauntless/DOTE wins 1-0)
Well here it is my biggest fear and obstacle standing in front of me.  When the round started, my opponent and I stood up our starting vanguards, and my opponent’s starter was Conroe.  I froze and said to myself, “Oh crap.”  How I know it was Dauntless/DOTE was the trigger checks I saw during the match.  My problem was that I kept break riding Vert over Vert, but I never had Labrador in my hand (all were in the damage zone Q~Q), so Vert was attacking throughout the whole match.  When my opponent broke ride Dragonic Overlord the End, my heart dropped, and he was attacking with this vanguard twice and depleting my hand.  His rear guards finished me off, and I only used two perfect guards the whole game.  The other two perfect guards were on the bottom.  In the end, I lost.  It was an ok game, but I never conquered my fear of Dauntless/DOTE, so I was knocked out of the qualifier with my head held high.  I was proud that I got far on my first run.

My Most Valuable Units of my Deck:

PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador is my personal favorite.  Not only cute, she packs a punch with that limit break.  Call three PR♥ISM cards from your hand to open rear guard spots to give Labrador and extra 10k power gain and an extra critical while she is attacking the vanguard is too good of a limit break to me.  It is kind of like a break ride because of the 10k power gain.  Also, the special counter blast works well wih PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic’s and PR♥ISM-Image, Clear’s skills.
These two work well together on my end.  When I break ride Vert, and I have Rio on the field, I can counterblast a card (a card that does not have PR♥ISM or just a PR♥ISM card) to replenish my soul for Celtic and Clear skill and draw an extra card.  With PR♥ISM-Image, Vert, she not only bounces cards like Rio, Clear or Celtic, but she gives me that additional card that I need.

I love this soul blasting dynamic duo. PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic and PR♥ISM-Image, Clear are perfect additions to adding power to a Bermuda unit either rear guard or vanguard.  They have to be bounced back to your hand, and a soul blast can grant one of your vanguard or rear guard additional 4k power to help hit your opponent’s vanguard for high columns.  They work well when they get bounced by Vert or Labrador.
You got to love your special 12k and 10 attackers.  They help me replace rear guards I lost from retiring from Kagero, Nurakami, or other clans, and I can replace them even if they are in my hand or still on the field.  For example, if Mercure, during game, is a booster, and I lost one of my front row rear guards.  I can move Mercure from a booster to an attacking unit and the additional 3k skill boost does help.

Coro is a very good card.  She opens up an open rear guard circle by her skill when it triggers, and she can be a booster or a 10k shield  you can save for guarding.

Overall, the whole qualifier experience was a great experience for me.  I went to 5 rounds and ended up in the top 60 if I recall, but I was good for me on my first run of the qualifiers.  Plus, I had a lot of fun, and studied many deck builds and play styles.  I just wish I can have as much fun with Vangaurd where I live rather than waiting for the next regional.  One can only hope.   For next year’s qualifier, I am hoping to play my Gold Paladins, and I want to do better than my previous run and study more decks.  Well that’s my full regional experience, and I hope you enjoy this article.  I will see you next time in the next article I will make.  Take care and strive to victory Cardfighters and have fun.


  1. oh man this bros with no PG good luck !!! T.T

    1. Oh I had perfect guards in my deck. Mermaid Idol Elly

    2. i mean that the bros without pg when playing against this

    3. Oh XD sorry about that. I can't wait for Duo to come out for them. I want that Hatsune Miku for Bermuda Triangle ^///^