Thursday, February 13, 2014

“It’s Showtime!” Pale Moon: Nightmare Doll Chelsea Takes the Stage

Hello Cardfighters!  I am back with another fun deck profile on the new upcoming Pale Moon support from booster set 12 "Binding Force of the Black Rings."   Pale Moon is one of my favorite clans next to my Gold Paladins and my other 10 different clans I play.  Pale Moon has been a personal favorite because all the units kind of make me reminisce my past as a child when I went to see my first circus performance with my father at a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in Anaheim, California.  The show was fantastic, and I loved it.  I always love the elephants and the fun festivities the circus presents, and Pale Moon’s clan mechanic is just fun and makes me relive the experience at the circus with their mechanic of coming out of the soul and back in like a disappearance act.  In booster set 12, I am making Chelsea, and I am also making my silver thorn deck too.  My favorite Pale Moon cards are the Nightmare Dolls and Midnight Bunny because they are soo cute.  Silver Thorns I like because the artwork on them are soo cool, and their mechanic is fun too.  So, roll up the curtains and let the show begin.  I present to you Cray's darkest and greatest performers of the Pale Moon clan.  This is my Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Chelsea deck profile along with Miracle Pop Ava (break ride).

Grade 0’s:
1x Innocent Magician (starting Vanguard to look for a grade 3 Pale Moon unit and add it to your hand (Chelsea more likely)
4x Popcorn Boy (Heal)
4x Poison Juggler (Critical)
2x Dynamite Juggler (Critical)
4x Rainbow Magician (Draw)
2x Spiral Master (Draw)

Grade 1’s:
4x Hades Hypnotist (perfect guard)
4x Jumping Glenn (10 attacker and booster when she is called out from the soul)
3x Midnight Bunny (great card for pressuring your opponent to defend against her otherwise you can superior call another attacker on your rear guard circle from the soul for one counter blast when her attack hits when she is boosting a Pale Moon unit)
3x Purple Trapezist (great card to put in the soul and calling out to a rear guard circle because her effect makes you put a rear guard from your rear guard circle and calling out a Pale Moon unit from your soul to a rear guard circle, so its an additional attack)

Grade 2’s:
3x Barking Cerberus (10 beat stick)
2x Dancing Princess of the Night Sky (great card for putting a Jumping Glen, Jumping Jill, Purple Trapezist, or any Pale Moon unit from your deck into your soul for one counter blast)
4x Jumping Jill (12k attacker when she comes out from the soul)
2x Nitro Juggler (card to help soul charge)

Grade 3’s:
4x Miracle Pop, Ava (Pale Moon break ride that not only gives your Vanguard a 10k gain for the turn, but i t also gives you an additional attack for your rear guards by putting in a column of rear guards that attacked into the soul and calling any Pale Moon unit from your soul to a rear guard circle when your Vanguard attacks)
4x Nightmare Doll, Chelsea (great persona limit break that gives you more additional attacks.  Counterblast two and discard a copy of Nightmare Doll Chelsea to call out two Pale Moon units from your soul onto two rear guard circles)

I been play testing the deck a lot, and it is very fun, and I love it.  I was able to get at about five to six attacks when I combo Chelsea with Miracle Pop Ava.  I just love it.  It is soo much fun to watch the combos play out.  Especially having Glenn and Jill come out of the soul to hit for high power columns.  I hope you like this deck profile that I have presented, and I wish it is fun for you when you get the chance of playing it.  Till we meet next time Cardfighters. 

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