Thursday, January 2, 2014

“Liberators Unite!” The Wolf Fang Liberator General Calls You to Battle

 Hello again.  I want to wish all of you and the Trigger Capital members a Happy New Year.  As the New Year begins, I want to kick off with a few deck profiles in these future articles.  As you read the title, yes I will be doing a deck profile on a Gold Paladin Liberator build, but it’s a deck that involves my avatar (yay he is a Liberator) Wolf Fang Liberator Garmore fighting along with his majesty Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred.  Since its 2014, it also means that the dawn of the Link Joker will rise upon us, so I will vanquish Link Joker and shatter the dark rings with the power of Garmore and the Liberators.  I have been play testing the deck a lot online and friendly cardfights with a proxy deck of my Garmore Liberator build, and it seems to work on my end of play testing against other clans.  However, Link Joker in my opinion will be the hardest challenge for me.  I am really looking forward to running the deck when booster set 12 comes out in English format.

Grade 0’s:
1x Liberator, Cheer Up Trumpeter
4x Elixir Liberator (Heal)
4x Armed Liberator, Gwydion (Draw)
4x Liberator of Hope, Epona (Critical)
4x Strike Liberator (Critical)

Grade 1’s:
4x Halo Liberator, Mark
3x Fast Chase Liberator, Josephus (maybe 4 to see how Bruno does)
2x Future Liberator, Llew
2x Little Liberator, Marron (maybe 4 if Bruno doesn’t work in my build)
3x May Rain Liberator, Bruno

Grade 2’s:
3x Blaster Blade Liberator
3x Cloudy Sky Liberator, Geraint
4x Liberator of Royalty, Phallon
2x Liberator of the Flute, Escrad

Grade 3’s:
4x Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore
3x Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred

So far the deck is still under testing.  I am getting it ready to face the Link Joker threat.  I have a feeling it will be the most played clan for this year.  I love Wolf Fang Liberator Garmore’s limit break, which just fills up your empty rear guard zones for 3 counterblasts.  Yes it is expensive, but I am waiting for the Gold Paladin from booster set 14: Brilliant Strike called Throw Blade Knight, Maleagant.  He is the soul blast 2 and flip two damage face up, so I can constantly use Garmore’s ability more than once or twice whenever I have an empty field.  That limit break is soo great, and I hope Garmore Liberator gets a crossride.  The deck is fun, and it is my favorite clan.  In my words, “No warrior should fight alone in battle.”  When the Liberator general leads the battlefield, his comrades will fight with him till the end against any evil.  That’s why Garmore is my favorite card out of all cards.  I hope this deck profile was enjoyable to fellow cardfighters.  “Keep on fighting!”


  1. haha nice to see a passionate liberator bro, back in royal paladin days i was using the original garmore and it was pretty fun but i got to say i still stick to my main man, majesty alfred and sir gancelot, looking forward to those.

    1. If I was introduced to Vanguard early, I would have been into Royal Paladins and build the Fang of Light Garmore build cause Garmore is my avatar