Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pale Moon - Knife Throwing

Like I promised, Pale Moon with Sarah as main vanguard.

This one is the pressure oriented build.

Beatdown build is available too: http://triggercapital.blogspot.com/2013/08/pale-moon-sword-throwing.html

---  ---  ---
Grade 0:
1x Innocent Magician
4x Poison Juggler (Critical)
2x Dynamite Juggler (Critical)
4x Sky High Walker (Stand)
1x Hoop Magician (Stand)
1x Cracker Musician (Stand)
4x Popcorn Boy (Heal)

Grade 1:
4x Midnight Bunny
4x Hades Hypnotist
4x Purple Trapezist
1x Fire Juggler

Grade 2:
3x Mirror Demon
4x Barking Cerberus
3x Dancing Princess of the Night Sky

Grade 3:
4x Sword Magician, Sarah
4x Nightmare Doll, Alice
2x Midnight Invader
---  ---  ---

Unit Selection:

Innocent Magician is good for getting a combo piece to use with Sarah...or getting a Sarah to avoid a bad ride.  Girl Who Crossed the Gap isn't a bad choice either.  The trigger line-up includes a considerable number of stands, keeping in line with the deck's attack spamming.

More variety in triggers when possible (and when not detrimental) is usually a good thing (i.e. 1 of each of the vanilla stands instead of 2 of 1) because it makes it more difficult for your opponent to tell what your trigger line-up is.

Midnight Bunny is a pressure card.  When it goes off, you can swap it for an attacker (if you have empty space for it)  or Purple Trapezist (and then swap another, ideally, the rear guard right in front of it for another full power attack).

Fire Juggler has the same skill as Sarah, basically by swapping itself.  It has a place in the deck, naturally (being a 7000 power unit is certainly a bonus).  Plays nicely when placed behind a rear grade 3 attacker; when Sarah's check reveals a grade 3, you can swap a whole column.

4 perfect guards isn't strange here.

Mirror Demon is pretty gross with its 8k base.  But it does what it does, just like Alice and Bunny (although following their power staircase, Mirror Demon ought to be 9k).  In a deck that utilizes stands, units with on-hit effects or units with high power are important...which is why there's 4 copies of Barking Cerberus.

Dancing Princess of the Night Sky, meanwhile can be used to shove combo pieces into the soul.

Sarah will be the main vanguard in this deck with Alice as a pressure rear and Invader as a power rear.


  1. so how is the trip, btw this is Khan

    1. It was good, got over jetlag already, in record time.

    2. haha, nice job, i just play video games while i have jet lag...does not help but meh...btw i might going back to blazing build i need some perfects so got any extras?

    3. Extra Barri...lol, that's a good joke.

    4. so no i see....argh so expensive