Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm back!

Back from vacation in Beijing.  And guess what?  Cardfighting not only cured my depression last year, but also cured my jet lag this year.  Honestly, it works better than prescription drugs!

But, enough of that.  I should actually start putting more content on this blog.

Upcoming deck lists:

-Soul Paladins (2 or 3 versions of)
-Spectral Duke
-My budget 'unwanted vanguards' Narukami deck (oh god, I heard Guld is $5 now)
-Pale Moon (pressure build for Sarah first, then maybe I'll do a build for Luquier)
-Dark Irregulars (turbo soul charging, Reijy)
-Spike Brothers (Emperor build; this deck is really fun-- I said FUN, not GOOD --with no perfect guards or heal triggers)
-Maelstrom (been meaning to do this for a while, but maybe Rin can do this)
-'The hell am I supposed to ride?" Granblue (oh yeah....THIS deck)
-Great Nature (my Apt deck and a standard Leopald one)
-Nova Grapplers (I'm building a Rutile based deck)


  1. busy listing as always, btw i got my naru together as dungaree exorcist build, and i also have budget angel feather and budget palemoon...budget all the way!!!!!

    1. Wow, you beat me to it. I was doing Dungaree/Thunderbreak but haven't finised yet. It's alright! $5 Gulds!

    2. whoa, whoa, whoa, ok minus the thiunder break part but dungaree part was my original idea ever since i pulled the card, and yup got my first ever play set of a perfect guards im so happy!!!!!

    3. I didn't say it WASN'T your idea...

      Cheap players think alike, no?

      (plus, the thunderbreak is a BIG part of it)

    4. btw have you tried rumble gun? its goku for naru...played the deck in tourney and got me 4th and 2nd place so far

    5. YES. I do like it. I don't know though, art is better than Goku, but it just feels so much better to use Goku with Amber Dragon.

  2. this is my Deck List:
    Koh Koh
    3 stand (Lin Lin)
    4 draw
    4 heal
    5 crit
    4 8k vanilla
    3 exorcist demonic dragon, indingo (9k booster that cannot boost grade 2 or less)
    4 guld
    4 Exorcist mage roh roh
    2 10k vanilla
    3 lighting spear wielding knight (12k atk with restraint)
    2 self-damages guy, kinkaku
    3 desert gunner shiden
    3 rumble gun
    4 dungaree
    1 thunder break

    1. Oh, mines is about 60% different.

      I'll post it later today.

    2. ok, mine is just me throwing cards in

    3. new adds in:
      G.0 the same, G.1 the same, G.2 take 1 lighting spear out replaced with 1 dusty plasma dragon, G.3 becomes 1 thunder break-4 dungaree and 3 the blood