Thursday, August 8, 2013

Granblue - Only 4

It's THAT deck.

Well, no, not the 1 Monster Frank deck (although that's also hilarious).

The 4 G3 deck.
Really budget.  Really fun.

---  ---  ---
Grade 0:
1x Captain Nightkid
4x Knight Spirit
4x Rough Seas Banshee
4x Ghoul Cannonball
4x Rick the Ghostie
4x Chappie the Ghostie

Grade 1:
4x Deadly Nightmare
4x Samurai Spirit
4x Gust Jinn
2x Evil Shade

Grade 2:
4x Deadly Spirit
4x Skeleton Demon World Knight
3x Ruin Shade

Grade 3:
1x Deadly Swordsmaster
1x Spirit Exceed
1x Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus
1x Monster Frank
---  ---  ---

The idea is to use Chappie to get the required targets into the drop zone to superior ride them.
If all else fails, there's Monster Frank.

RRs and above will cost about $40-$50 max.  Most of it is Gust Jinn and Ruin Shade.  The Grade 3 lineup is no more than $7-$8.


  1. The 1 Monster Frank deck.....LOL
    I have played it

    1. LOL, I bet you did...

      It's one hell of a deck for all the "wtf" reactions it gets.