Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some happy news for me...

It's always a happy occasion when a deck I build on paper/online proves itself worthy in real card form.  At a certain point, theory becomes practice and all works out for the best.  And my Royal Paladin deck is about to reach that point.

Goal / Criteria:
  • The deck was desgined to be consistent, yet versatile.
  • Capability for early wins / pre - LB.
  • Requires some skill to play, but is nonetheless playable.
  • Making a "joke" deck into a "serious" deck (that actually kinda just happened naturally...)
  • Solitary Knight, Gancelot needed some love.
My retardedly awesome Royal Paladin beatdown!

And with that, I am proud to announce that after about 2 months of planning, card buying, deck editing, online testing, irl testing, tournament play, casual play, special condition cardfighting, and unconditional love for my deck through all the crossride bull and whatnot...

This deck is in its final stages of testing!

The deck seems to have more versatility then I originally thought, through arrangement of rear guards and usage of counterblasts.  It also needs to be played differently against different decks it seems.

It certainly has flaws (which are accounted for and will be ignored until I know how to fix them without changing the deck's core appeal).

And the last testing stage shall be this week's local box tournament.  I really look forward to it.

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