Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode 104 Review

Hello and Good [insert period of the day].
I am Barrel and this is my first attempt at blogging as well as reviewing an episode.
Any advice/criticism is welcome.

Since the episode has already been out for a decent while for other people to comment and discuss their opinions, some of the stuff I go over may be old news. But try to bear with me anyways.

The final episode of season 2, in my opinion, was anticlimactic. Now, this will sound like rant of how disappointing the episode felt but I will mention some interesting things (again, in my opinion) that were left unanswered and may be answered in season 3.

Let's start with the Cardfight.

Don't you hate it when a Heal Trigger
stops your plans for evil domination?

Aichi's victory was somewhat spoiled by Platina Ezel being featured in the previous episode's commercial transition (or whatever you want to call it). There also wasn't any opening theme song playing as Ezel dealt the finishing blow, which would've made it much more enjoyable. I was actually hoping for Blaster Dark Spirit to make an appearance. Oh well, there's still season 3.

The whole ending felt a bit rushed. The season's plot was built around the salvation of the sealed clans and the whole thing was resolved in less than 5 minutes. I mean, all the "leaders" had to do was hold up their cards in front of a portal and let their vanguards be transported across the planet Cray and blow away the "Void mist." It's too bad that Kamui, Misaki, AND their Cross Rides were kind of unnecessary.

Takuto has finally leveled up and
ready to face off against Void.
Now to address to what may be my and everyone's number one concern, "Aichi trading away Royal Paladins for Gold Paladins." I saw no real problem for Aichi having two different clans at his disposal. Heck, why not make a Gold Paladin/Royal Paladin deck. (Bad idea as of now, I know). Ironic how in the episode, Aichi told Leon something along the lines of "Getting something through the sacrifice of others isn't true power," even though Aichi sort of did the same thing to his Royal Paladins but instead of power it was friendship... (again, ironic). At least there was some closure for Aichi since Blaster Blade became a Gold Paladin in the end.

Now for some interesting plot holes, or are they?

1) Why did Takuto, after regaining his energy after Aichi defeated Leon, telepathically talk to Ren who then activated his Psyqualia? Chris made no appearance in that scene.

I may be over-thinking this one, but Ren may have been given a secret message from Takuto. In preparation for Void's return perhaps? Or it could have been filler... Or maybe Ren is given an upgraded Psyqualia - very unlikely.

Dragonic Overlord The Void?

2) This may have been obvious but the dragon-like ray of light that appeared out of the lava is most likely Void. Said dragon is also in the "Limit Break" opening sequence.

So... Void's a dragon that came out of lava; is Void a shadow counterpart of a Kagero? What happened after the the dragon came out of the lava? Has Void only gotten stronger and has already started implementing plans? Has he taken control of the Headmaster (principal) of Miyaji Academy?

3) After re-watching the episode, I remembered that Daigo hasn't made an appearance since his debut episode. To refresh your memories of Daigo, he was the Royal Paladin user who was being transported from place to place as a result of Royal Paladins being sealed away and was last seen cardfighting Kyou.

Well, Royal Paladins have been freed. Will the legendary fighter make a surprise appearance once more?

I'm not sure how to end this so.... that about ends this rant/review. This was much longer than I thought it would be. Thanks for reading, or skimming, and see you in my next post... hopefully something I'm more comfortable with.

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