Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update: January 13, 2013

Hey, thanks again for keeping up with us! We have posts that have been edited since their original post time along with some changes:

  • Trigger Capital has now received 2 additional writers: myself and Barrel. I will mainly be writing articles about playing competitively, strategy, and maybe a few deck profiles (which may be done in video form as an accompanying tool or instead of a post altogether) while Barrel's articles will be more geared towards the anime. 
  • The Deck Weaknesses article has been updated with info on almost every clan.
  • Unit of the Week updated!
  • New articles uploaded
  • Upcoming articles
    • "About" page so you can find out more about the writers behind this blog which may get you to stay and even share with your friends.
    • "Quick Gameplay Tips" (tentative title) by myself - This will be an article in which I give you some easy tips that should improve your game overall.
    • "Starting Vanguard Analysis" by Dragon∞Blade

Rin Dunois

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