Wednesday, December 17, 2014

“Released from your Seal, Unleash the Hellish Flames upon your EnemiesSeal Dragons”

Hello Cardfighters!  I have another fun deck profile I want to share.  Since my experience with Cardfight’s current format, I have been seeing a lot of Kagero players playing Dauntless Dominate Dragon "Яeverse" or Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague decks.  However, I don’t play any of those.  I play Seal Dragons and only my Seal Dragons, but I do have Dauntless Drive Dragon in my deck until Hellfire Seal Dragon, Weathercloth comes out in the upcoming Fighters Collection 2 in November.  Why I like Seal Dragons?  I like Seal Dragons not only of their artwork, but I love the retiring mechanic and filling up your opponents rear guard circles with grade 2 units.  Sometimes I retire one of my opponent’s rear guards, and they don’t come up with a grade 2, so it’s a free kill for me.  It does thin the deck for the opponent, but your opponent will have to retire some unnecessary grade 2’s to have stronger columns.  Plus, I can retire pesky units my opponents have like drop and draw units or 12k attackers.  Seal Dragons give me a wide variety of options for retiring units.  It’s a very fun build in my opinion, and I hope that Seal Dragons will get a legion in the future booster sets, because I don’t want to play Perdition Dragons.  I hope you guys enjoy the deck profile and always remember to fight with passion and fun.

Grade 0’s:
1x: Seal Dragon, Terrycloth (starting Vanguard that retires one of my opponents rear guards if I counterblast 1 card with Seal Dragon in its name and soul charge Terrycloth, but my opponent looks at the top 4 for a grade 2 unit and call it to rear guard)
4x: Seal Dragon, Biella (critical)
4x: Blue Ray Dracokid (critical)
4x: Seal Dragon, Artpique (draw that gives a unit a 3k boost when you move this unit into the soul)
4x: Seal Dragon, Shirting (heal)

Grade 1’s:
4x: Seal Dragon, Rinocross (perfect guard)
4x: Seal Dragon, Kersey (discard and draw a card when this unit is called to rear guard and your opponent has a grade 2 Vanguard or rear guard)
4x: Seal Dragon, Flannel (10k attacker for Seal Dragons)
2x: Embodiment of Armor, Bahr (8k boosters)

Grade 2’s:
4x: Seal Dragon, Corduroy (a unit that retires one of my opponent’s rear guards for one counterblast with Seal Dragon in its name, and my opponent looks at the top 4 for a grade 2 unit and call it to rear guard circle)
4x: Seal Dragon, Jacquard (12k attacker for Seal Dragons)
3x: Seal Dragon, Hunger Hell Dragon (10k unit)

Grade 3’s:
4x: Seal Dragon, Georgette (the main card for the deck because the limit break gives it 5k power for each of my opponents grade 2 rear guards, and it gets a critical if my opponent has 2 or more grade 2 rear guard units.  Also it has an unlock ability against Link Joker.)
3x: Dauntless Drive Dragon (break ride for Kagero that gives my Vanguard 10k and restands my Vanguard for a discard cost of 3 Kagero units.  Soon I will replace Dauntless for Weathercloth (breakride for Seal Dragons)
1x: Hellfire Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno (this unit’s limit break retires all my opponent’s grade 2 rear guards and it gains 10k for it for 2 counterblast with Seal Dragon in its name.  However, when Fighter’s Collection 2 comes out, he will be replaced by Weathercloth)

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