Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spike Bros: “Blitz onto Victory!”

Hello Cardfighters.  I have another deck profile that I will like to share with you.  Since football season has started, I found it fitting to present one of my fun decks for casual play which is my Spike Bros deck.  I build Spike Bros because football season is one of the seasons I get excited for.  I love baseball, but I sometimes sleep through the games on television.  However, football is soo exciting especially at football parties.  My favorite team that I always support is the San Francisco 49ers.  Even though I am an athletic person, football was a leisure activity for me, but I played more baseball in my past.  Anyways, let’s get into the deck mechanic.  What I like about Spike Bros is that they sack for high numbers for a cost of a soul blast, but the downside is that the unit that soul blast goes back into the deck losing field presence, but it makes the clan balanced.  This particular build consist of only Grateful Catapult and Bad End Dragger.  The best thing I like about the deck is Bad End Dragger’s break ride skill combo with Grateful Catapult’s persona limit break to not only give your rear guards a 10k power boost, but it also gives you a total of 4 high powered rear guard attacks to your opponent’s Vanguard even though you get triggers or not.  So far, I like the deck build, and I am debating on making the legion mate for them, but I still need to play test it.  Well hope you enjoy the deck profile and keep on fighting Cardfighters!

Grade 0’s:
1x: Mecha Trainer (Starting Vanguard and only existing card that is like Conroe in the format that helps me look for a booster or perfect guard)
4x: Sonic Breaker (critical)
4x: Silence Joker (critical and damage unflipper when you move this unit into the soul)
4x: Cheerful Lynx (Draw)
4x: Cheer Girl, Tiara (Heal)

Grade 1’s:
2x: Wonder Boy (8k booster)
2x: UFO (Unlucky Flying Object) (a card that makes me discard and draw a card to get me to draw into my copy of Grateful Catapult)
3x: Reckless Express (a booster and attacker that hits for 12k when I soul blast, but I returns to my deck at the end of that battle phase)
4x: Cheer Girl, Marilyn (perfect guard)
3x: Medical Manager (a card that makes me soul charge one card to build up soul for my special soul blast attackers)

Grade 2’s:
4x: Highspeed, Brakki (special 14k attacker when I soul blast 1 while he is attacking)
1x Fierce Leader, Zachary (a unit that makes me draw an extra card when he hits my opponent’s Vanguard for a soul blast, but it gets returned to the deck at the end of that battle)
4x: Dudley Mason (a unit that lets me superior call an additional unit from my deck to a rear guard circle for one counter blast and putting a card from my hand to my soul when his attack hits the Vanguard)
2x: Charging Bill Collector (11k attacker if my Vanguard has a limit break skill)

Grade 3’s:
4x: Bad End Dragger (Break ride unit that gives the Vanguard the skill when its rode on 10k power and when any of my Spike Bros attack, they get a 10k power boost and at the end of that battle phase they are returned to the bottom of the deck)
4x Grateful Catapult (A persona blast limit break skill that makes me superior call two Spike Bros units from my deck onto a rear guard circle for two counter blast and a discard of a copy of Grateful Catapult from my hand.  It is better than Dudley Emperor because one its 11k base power and two it doesn’t minus me to superior call 2 additional units.)

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