Friday, February 14, 2014

“Foresee the Future, Magical Magus Shine!”

Hello Everyone!  I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day or Single Appreciation Day to the Trigger Capital team and to all Cardfighters.  I have another deck profile I been testing out (proxy deck), and I am very excited to build it when it comes out in extra booster set 7: “Mystical Magus” in April this year.  Since I like wizards and magic (Harry Potter fan, Ragnarok Online fan (wizard class) and any anime that has magic and wizards), Magus of the Oracle Think Tank clan felt like a perfect fit for my interest.  This deck amazes me on how it gives me good draw and hand power and arrange the cards on the top of your deck in any order.  The deck pretty much alters outcomes for the whole game just by some of the Magus’s skills of looking at the top card(s) on your deck and stacking triggers on top.  To fit this lovable holiday, I present to you my Magus build.

Grade 0’s:
1x Battle Sister, Éclair (starting Vanguard to help search for either Hexagonal Magus (break ride) or Pentagonal Magus)
4x Lozenge Magus (heal trigger and good card to recycle back to the deck when she is used as a booster)
4x Victory Maker (draw trigger)
4x Psychic Bird (critical trigger, and a good card to put in the soul to draw a card)
4x Battle Sister, Ginger (critical trigger)

Grade 1’s:
4x Tetra Magus (perfect guard)
4x Ripis Magus (10k attacker for Magus)
4x Crescent Magus (great 9k booster if you guess the top card right or a great way to see your top card to combo with Stellar Magus or Pentagonal Magus whether you guess wrong)
2x Circle Magus (good unit to take a sneak peek at your top card of the deck)

Grade 2’s:
4x Cuore Magus (12k attacker for Magus)
4x Stellar Magus (great card to peek at to top card for one counter blast, guess right you add the card to your hand, guess wrong you put it on top of your deck and flip one damage up)
4x Briolette Magus (great card to draw an extra card and put Briolette back on the top of the deck for other Magus skills and combos)

Grade 3’s:
4x Hexagonal Magus (Magus’s break ride that makes you look at the top 3 cards and add one to your hand and putting the other 2 cards on top of your deck in any order.  It’s great for stacking triggers if you got them among the top 3 cards, and the additional 10k attack gain is nice too)
3x Pentagonal Magus (It’s a great card when it attacks.  When you guess the right card on the top of your deck, she gets an additional 5k boost and a critical along with knowing what card you will drive check (triggers good).  Also, it is easy to know the top card of your deck for Pentagonal Magus’s skill by other Magus’s skills)

Overall, I love the deck mechanic.  It stacks triggers when you use skills of various Magus.  It also provides good draw and hand power, and it makes your opponent nervous when you stack your cards a certain way from Hexagonal Magus’s skill.  That is the great thing of Oracle Think Thank because it gives you additional cards in your hand and lets you arrange the top cards to change the outcome of the match.  For my grade 2’s, I was thinking of using Silent Tom, but I wanted to make this deck a pure Magus build to fit the theme, and I am a little bit worried that Silent Tom may get banned in the future when Cardfight Vanguard makes a ban list.  In my opinion, the deck is good and fun with all the Magus units.  I hope this deck profile was a fun and enjoyable read.  Keep on fighting Cardfighters and stand up your avatar.  

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