Friday, February 22, 2013

Oracle Think Tank - Soulless Witch

This seems to be a popular deck...and an easy one really.  So in my busy schedule, I have a decklist to post, and it shall be Soulless OTT.  Because I don't need a brain to do this.

The evil soulless ginger for insta card advantage.
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Grade 0:
1x Little Witch, Lulu
4x Sphere Magus (Heal)
4x Dream Eater (Draw)
2x Battle Sister, Ginger (Critical)
4x Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical)
2x Psychic Bird (Critical)

Grade 1:
4x Battle Sister, Chocolat
4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4x Emerald Witch, Lala
2x Battle Sister, Omelet

Grade 2:
4x Silent Tom
4x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
3x Battle Sister, Glace

Grade 3:
4x Scarlet Witch, Coco
3x Meteor Break Wizard
1x Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
---  ---  ---

Unit Explanations: I'm gonna keep this short.

Little Witch, Lulu: Depletes soul.  Gives a +1.  No brainer.
Sphere Magus: Because it looks better than Lozenge Magus here imo.
4 Draws: It actually helps draw into cards you need early game.  Also, if you're playing this deck, you must really like drawing cards anyways.
Oracle Guardian, Nike: Soulless.  Using Psychic Bird's skill.  What?

Actually, she's kind of underrated.
Battle Sister, Chocolat: If you have the money to play OTT, you're obviously not short on money.
Oracle Guardian, Gemini: What else are you gonna use for Silent Tom, Wizard, Souffle, Coco?
Emerald Witch, Lala: Card rotation is good.  I hope you know this.  Boosting for 7k is also good.
Battle Sister, Omelet: A good pivot unit, and 7k base.
*Weather Girl, Milk: If you want to run this, take out some Omelet or Lala.  I can recommend this unit at least somewhat.

Silent Tom: If you has teh monies...
Oracle Guardian, Wiseman: Reliable and straightforward beatstick in a straightforward deck.
Battle Sister, Glace: 11k attacker.  The only reason I put 3 and not 4 is because too much 8k base isn't good.  4x Glace and 3x Wiseman works though.
*Battle Sister, Mocha: A fair alternative to Glace.

Scarlet Witch, Coco: No.  I'm not explaining anything.
Meteor Break Wizard: It's not a counterblast heavy deck at all.  Personally, I'd run 4 of him and 4x Coco.
*Battle Sister, Souffle: Also works.
Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya: It's not a bad alternate ride in this deck.
*Sky Witch, Nana: I wish she was better.

...getting some serious Star Driver vibes here
She's actually pretty badass.

There seems to be a good amount of people who think that not having ANY good grade 3 REAR GUARDS, is a GOOD thing.  There are few decks where this is true, and Soulless OTT, is not one of them.
I recommend at least 2 of Meteor Break or Souffle in this deck (if you want to use Sakuya).

---  ---  ---
Winning Image: Mid-game hits.  Ride Coco, draw 3 cards.  You now have card advantage.  Use good numbers to keep that advantage.  There's nothing special about this deck but its card advantage and its card art (only one of those helps you win).  If you lose your card advantage, you lose what momentum you had and you're screwed.  This is why draw triggers, Meteor Break / Souffle, Silent Tom, Glace, Wiseman, and Gemini are important.  They set up good fields.

This is a pretty easy deck to play IMHO.

---  ---  ---
Her and Omelet actually have some nice
connected lores.  It's kinda cute.
Art done by the same artist as Palamedes.
Yes, I needed to point that out.
A final tip:
Re-riding another Coco seems like a legit idea, but most of the time, DON'T.  This time, you aren't plussing 2, you're plussing 1 at a hefty cost of 2 CB, and lowering Coco's own attack power, along with dropping the power of any Glace or Omelet you have out.  In other words, you're certain to make your opponent minus LESS.

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