Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oracle Think Tank - Of Clashing Blades and LOVE

Well, it was suggested that I make a festive decklist for the holiday season.  And so, this is just something I've had my eye on for a while (can't wait for that extra booster to come out).

This is one of those decks where I looked at the grade 3 vanguards first, and built the rest around it.
Also, this deck is really lore driven.  The battle sisters really are awesome.  I'd watch a spinoff vanguard series about them...seriously, I would.

Mu - Ra -Ma - Sa ~ <3
Grade 0:
1x Battle Sister, Waffle
4x Battle Sister, Assam (Stand)
4x Battle Sister, Ginger (Critical)
4x Battle Sister, Tiramisu (Draw)
4x Battle Sister, Chai (Heal)

Grade 1:
4x Battle Sister, Chocolat
3x Battle Sister, Lemonade
3x Battle Sister, Cocoa
4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini

Grade 2:
4x Battle Sister, Cocotte
4x Battle Sister, Macaron
3x Battle Sister, Mocha

Grade 3:
4x Battle Sister, Parfait
4x Battle Sister, Monaka

Wow, seriously, I'm hungry now.
Oh, and if you're wondering why I would run 3x Lemonade, it's because lemonade is tasty even in the winter it makes it easier to draw into one.  The 5k is dismal, but the effect really helps this deck.  The high power rear guard attackers also make the 5ks somewhat acceptable.


  1. just the name made me hungry too, so i headed to a buffet and eat so much

  2. omg it this deck sounds to tastey lol