Monday, December 23, 2013

Introduction: New Blogger Joining Trigger Capital

Hello, I am Richard.  It is very nice to meet all of you.  I want to thank team Trigger Capital for accepting me as part of their team.  I will try my best to help out with their page by creating my own blogs based on my passion of Cardfight Vanguard.  Wish me luck!  This is my first time blogging, and I am really excited but somewhat nervous because of my shyness hehehe.  However, I will do my best to post my experiences and opinions on the card game and the anime.  Also, my deck profiles of some of my favorite clans.  Without further ado, let us begin.

I have been playing Cardfight Vanguard for about two years plus.  My first vanguard deck or clan is gold paladins, and I am currently playing them still.  It all started when I was playing at a local Yugioh tournament at a shop in Riverside, California.  Before Vanguard, I was playing a competitive twilight deck consist of Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning, Chaos Sorcerer and Lightsworns.  However, playing Yugioh competitively isn’t my cup of tea.  Since chaos, dark worlds, and six samurais were popular at the time I was playing at my local shop, I kept losing to them.  It seems Yugioh in a competitive environment wasn’t as fun as I hope it would be.  I just get clearly beat down.  I didn’t care about top dog.  I just play it for fun.  When some of my friends introduced me to Vanguard at the same time I was playing Yugioh competitively, I just like how its luck based by trigger outcomes and the unique mechanics on different clans, and I know that this is the card game I will enjoy the most. 
I then bought a Gold Paladin trial deck.  The reason why I chose Gold Paladins is the cool artwork on Garmore.  Also, I like how wolf is included in his card name because wolves are one of my favorite animals.  From that trial deck, one of my friends taught me step by step on the rules and the mechanics of Gold Paladins even though he was playing the Kagero trial deck.  It was kind of like a Kai and Aichi moment to me.  Every time I ride Garmore, I like how he calls a comrade from the deck to help him during the battle against my opponent.  It’s kind of like a lone wolf reunites with its pack.  Soon as I started liking the mechanics of gold paladins, I noticed that Garmore is my avatar because a lone soldier should never fight a battle alone, and Garmore is the one who calls out reinforcements to help him fight the battle alongside him.  After learning the basics, I been watching the anime and learning from it.  So far, my favorite season is the Link Joker season because of the drama and the new clan Link Joker that play as a good antagonist to me.  Soo many favorite characters I like, but Aichi is my favorite.  He is the character that works hard on taking down obstacles that stand in his way even though he was weak in the beginning of the anime, but his friend’s help and support made him a stronger Cardfighter, and I can reflect on that during my past life.  From that point, I been training and configuring my Gold Paladin deck from pure Garmore beat down to Ezel build to Garmore bunnies because bunnies are adorable to Platina Ezel all the way to Liberators.  While I have been winning some out of town tourneys with Gold Paladins, Garmore/Pellinore was the deck I had a lot of fun with.  Now, Liberators are fun too, and I can’t wait for my avatar Garmore to come out in English as a Liberator in booster set 12: Binding Force of Black Rings.  My first big Vanguard tourney was this year’s World Championship at Pasadena, California.  I was playing my Bermuda Prisms at the time because I couldn’t find a proper build for Garmore with the new liberators, so I decided the deck I will be competing with by a coin toss.  I had fun and couldn’t believe I got to 5 rounds on my first regional run.  As a result, I landed among the top 60 if I remember.  Overall I had fun, and I had a lot of fun playing against really competitive decks, meeting new people and hanging out with friends.  It was a great experience for me, and I will post it in the future my full regional experience.  Along my journey, I made other decks that I found fun to me.  I have Spike Brothers, Pale Moon, Bermuda Triangle Prism, Neo Nectar Arboros Dragon, Tachikaze Ancient Dragon, Aqua Force Last Card Revonn, Kagero Seal Dragons, Genesis, Dimensional Police Daiyusha, Gran Blue and Gold Paladin Liberators.  Yeah I know soo many decks, but I like them all because they are fun, and I built these decks out of my own personal preferences.  Besides those decks, gold paladins are still my number one.
Well that’s pretty much my vanguard experience in a nutshell, but I am looking forward to sharing all my experiences and passion of Vanguard with fellow Cardfighters in the nation and around the world.  Vanguard is by far my most favorite card game of all times.  I play Yugioh and Magic the Gathering sometimes, but Vanguard is something I play a lot and have more fun than the other card games I play.  Most importantly, I play Vanguard for fun.  I really don’t mind prizes, but I enjoy play testing my decks and taking notes and advice on how to improve my decks and play tactics in the future.  I even enjoy the excitement of being in a close game and getting that sixth damage heal trigger that turns the tide of battle.  It’s such an amazing feeling.  The same feeling when I use to play baseball as a pitcher, and I love the feeling of striking out my opponent and hearing the cheers from among the stands.  Overall, I am sticking with Cardfight Vanguard as my favorite card game.  I will be playing this remarkable card game till the end of time.  I wish everyone to have fun and treasure the moments of Cardfight just like I have been doing.  Well see you next time in a future blog!  Final words “Stand Up My Vanguard.”            
Richard Palmerin


  1. well considering this lengthy intro. i like you for your passion welcome sort of a daily viewer btw

    1. Thank u. I love Vanguard. Since I watch the anime, my favorite character is Aichi because he is shy and timid like I use to be. Since I had friends that help gain my confidence little by little, I somewhat improved with meeting new people without the urge of hiding or staying quiet. Me and Aichi kind of went through the same past, and I can relate to that. Gold Paladins are always my favorite clan because gold paladins never fight alone, but they fight with friends and comrades ^///^

    2. aw man, i feel like we have so much in common mine are not as clan restricted but i mainly follow blaster blade, alfred and gancelot to where ever they take me

    3. Oh cool. We need to Cardfight in the future along with the other members of Trigger Capital