Monday, April 29, 2013

It's been busy...

With 5-6 straight midterm weeks (with 1-3 midterms each).

So Unit of the Week is on hold.

Quite a few tournaments and events...

Went to C&J's Collectibles (Newark, CA) on Saturday for the team qualifiers (with a makeshift team no less) and discovered that 3 hours before the team qualifiers, there would be a regular shop tournament.  So naturally, I made myself part of that tournament for fun.  Paid a $5 entry fee, and had the guy behind the counter hand me a promo pack and... a BT05......and I'm like, "Does it have to be set 5?"

"You don't want this one?"  (NO, I DON'T.  SET 2 IS MORE APPEALING THAN THAT.)  "Oh, ok, which one do you want?  I'll go get it."

Promo pack (ran out of the new one): Knight of Endurance, Lucan
Deck used: Alfred Beat

1st round: WIN (ended up on table 1 after this)
2nd round: WIN (ended up on table 2, table 1 was 2-0s as well)
3rd round: WIN (moved up to table 1 with the only other 3-0 guy)
4th round: LOSE ( the spectral duke guy I always lose to... but already guaranteed spot in top 4, so no biggie)

Top 4: WIN (vs stern.  I was freaked out, but then he got grade stuck.)
Final: WIN (vs MLB deck not running 4 MLB)

7 packs for 1st place?  OK!  Got 2 of BT01, 2 of BT03, 2 of EB03, and 1 of BT07.

MFW 1 Vortex Dragon for all my trouble.

Oh, the team tournament?  Scrubbed out.  0-2.  1 teammate got grade stuck twice (normal grade ratios, I checked), 1 had a 'not drawing boosters' issue, and I got double crit by Coco... again.


---  ---  ---

Went to a BT08 Sneak Peek at D20 Games (Alameda, CA) on Sunday.  Dropped after 4th round, 2-2.  Too many grade 3s in my set.  Pulled Daidragon though, and traded it for musketeers (Ruth and Auguste).

Got another set of 6 packs after.  Was worried it was all bad after opening 5 packs.  Then I got DAIYUSHA on the 6th.  I'm OK with this!

3rd Daiyusha mat was given by raffle.  I somehow won it.

Daidragon.  Daiyusha.  Daiyusha mat.
Is someone trying to tell me I ought to run DP?!

---  ---  ---
I'll post my Alfred deck soon as another article.
(Busy week!)

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