Thursday, May 1, 2014

“Rise from the Abyss and Set Sail Granblue”

Hello Cardfighters.  I am back with a few more deck profiles in line.  So far I have been play testing for quite a while to fine tune my decks.  Now, I have improved some of my decks to my liking.  First off, I want to say that Granblue is one of my favorite clans.  Why?  I like them because it has pirates, vampires, zombies and a lot of characters from the abyss of the ocean.  It is also a Pirates of the Caribbean deck to me since I am a big fan of it.  Overall, I love the deck mechanic of Granblue of calling units from the drop zone.  Since the new break ride and support for them came out from Booster Set 12: Catastrophic Outbreak, it gives them that extra field presence and power boost.  Even one of my friends is playing my deck every time we get the chance, and he loves how fun Granblue is even though it’s his favorite clan.  The version I am running is Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist and Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus.  I was never a fan of Cocytus reverse form because of that additional milling.  The effect is nice, but I mill too much then I deck out.  That’s why I have the Ruin Shades to help with that for this deck.  So, here is my Granblue deck profile, and I hope u enjoy it.

Grade 0’s:
1x Skeleton Assault Troops Captain (starting Vanguard for searching a grade 3)
4x Knight Spirit (critical)
4x Rough Seas Banshee (critical)
2x Ghoul Cannonball (critical)
2x Gunshot of Sorrow, Nightflare (draw)
4x Rick the Ghostie (Heal)

Grade 1’s:
4x Gust Jinn (perfect guard)
4x Dandy Guy, Romario (8k booster)
3x Deadly Nightmare (soul blast 2 and retire a unit to superior call this unit from the drop zone)
3x Sea Strolling Banshee (soul blast 1 to draw a card when this unit is called from drop zone)

Grade 2’s:
4x Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon (12k attacker when it’s called from the drop zone)
4x Ruin Shade (11k attacker when you will the top 2 cards from your deck)
3x Commodore Blueblood (10k attacker)

Grade 3’s:
4x Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist (break ride that not only gives the Vanguard 10k power, but it can also call out two units from the drop zone and give them an additional 5k to those units called that way; however, the units go back in the drop zone at the end phase of the turn)
4x Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus (Garmore for Granblue.  Counter blast 2 to superior call a Granblue unit from the drop zone, and Cocytus gets an additional 5k when he attacks at limit break)

As a result, the deck is really good in my opinion.  It was able to hold up against Link Joker Chaos Breaker Dragon due to the fact that I am fighting with hardly any rear guards.  I am only calling out rear guards when I get the break ride off, so I am avoiding the danger of the locking aspect of Link Joker.  I am just using the break ride to call out high powered units to attack for big columns.  Overall I love the deck build and the use of Sea Strolling Banshee for draw power, and I often call her from the drop zone often by Cocytus’s skill or the break ride skill.  Its soo fun overall.  I can’t wait for the second Fighter’s Collection to come out because Granblue will be getting Drift Ice Swordsman, Nightsnow.  A great card to superior break ride from the drop zone along with the ability to call a unit from the drop zone with a 5k boost, so it combos very well with the break ride.  I hope you enjoy this deck profile, and I am working hard to post more.  Keep fighting Cardfighters!

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