Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introduction - New Member to the Ranks

Hello all! I'm Kyureki (you can call me whatever you like though), and most if not all of you probably don't know who I am, but it has been decided that I'll now be joining this blog as sort of a guest writer from now on. As such, I've decided to make this little intro post to get all of you acquianted with me before I start posting any actual content.

First of all, I've been playing Vanguard since a little bit before the game came into English, albiet only casually at first, and have since then progressed towards more professional levels of play. During the first World Championship regional qualifiers, I went in with an experimental deck that I hadn't used at all before and got to round 4 before being eliminated, with both of my losses being due to grade lock. Since then, I entered the Stand Up Cup and got into the regionals before once again being eliminated due to grade lock (why does this always happen to me at large tournaments? orz). Unfortunately, this year I sadly will not be able to go to the World Championship qualifiers due to other obligations already being in place, however I will be trying to enter any other large Vanguard tournaments in the future.

As for what kind of player I am, I originally started out as a Magic: The Gathering player since around 2003, though only as an extremely casual player, and still play the game to this day. If you know anything about Magic, then I was always typically a Blue/White type of player. In other words, my playstyle is very defensive and likes to control what happens as much as possible, including preventing my opponent from doing what they want to do and increasing the chances of what I want happening to happen as much as I can. This shows itself clearly in what decks are my main decks, Eternal Idol Pacifica and Musketeers.

Now since this intro is getting a bit long so I'll start to end it here. Next time I post here, I'll probably be starting a mini-series of sorts of in-depth looks into various cards that are often neglected by many players, yet can still be very powerful if used properly. With that said, see you all next time!

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  1. well im sort of a daily viewer so i hope to see more stuff posted, looking forward to it.