Sunday, March 17, 2013

Qualifers? More like best day ever.

In honor of one of my 2 favorite/main decks.

Good trades, made it to round 4 (and got double crit sacked while at 3 damage), great games...what more could I ask from a day?

My Shadow Paladin deck is almost done too.

Didn't qualify, didn't care.  80 people lol.

NOW, the quality of the games today was excellent.

1st round vs Garmore/Ezel: WIN (not a close one either, he guarded TOO early and when I rode to grade 3, he had to eat a CB'd Gancelot... for 3 damage.  Same thing happened the next turn since his resources on previous turn got eaten by Palamedes.)

2nd round vs JI ENDO: LOSS (*T_T*, WHERE ARE MY BOOSTERS?  I drew none!!!)

3rd round vs JI ENDO: WIN (It was great.  Dragged out really long.  Last game of the round to finish, in fact.  So naturally, many people saw it end.  He wrecked my backrow all game.  On his last turn, he left himself with 2 cards by the end of his turn after I guarded prepared for 1 trigger.  I saw everyone watching when I stood my field and I was like "FINAL TURN!", then I rode the Gancelot that I hid in my hand all game, boosted it with a trigger, and CB'd 4.  A very satisfying end.)

4th round vs Soulless OTT: LOSS (I had a BIG advantage......and got sacked by double crit out of NOWHERE)


Shop held a special rules tournament afterwards: 3 rounds, swiss, $5 entry with a promo pack, 1 booster pack won for each round won, each round played best of 3.

Misplayed a LOT.  I was really distracted lol, actually, a lot of us were.

Special rules for each round were:
1st round - Start with 2 unflipped damage and play till 8 (lost that round due to miscounting damage lol)
2nd round - Starting vanguard is any unit (won that one, weird since my opponent and I were the only ones who started at a grade 2; Crimson Beast Tamer and Blaster Blade respectively)
3rd round - Rear guard drive checks (lost due to major misplays while guarding; you know something is wrong when you lose with 50k of guard in hand)

But I realized, my deck is really good with those rules.
-2 unflipped damage = free/early Gancelot/Blaster Blade skill
-any starter = no worries about having to ride Blaster Blade or painful mulligans for a 2
-rear drive check = grade 3 rears get twin drive...deck runs 12 G3s

All considered, it was quite fun.


And for the most important announcement and update.

My Royal Paladin beatdown deck is now being promoted from THEORY to PRACTICE.
It works...a hundred times better than I originally planned it to be.  Holy shit, this deck is explosive, fun, AND good enough to be playable.

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